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Yonyou Financial Accounting Management System: Core functions

Yonyou Financial Accounting Management Solutions: Key Features

Due to local market, investment and taxation requirements, businesses operating across multiple regions need to rapidly adjust and localize their company according to different environments. However, this potentially presents a decentralization of group financial and capital management, as well as creating certain insufficiencies. In addition, the projection of information between businesses can increase risk blind spots and supervision costs.

That’s why a competent accounting system is crucial to the continuous growth of a business. Financial management software will save you the effort of managing day-to-day finances, while also offering a clear, comprehensive view of your businesses economic status. Ideally, accounting software should centralized real-time information concerning the financial performance of different units of your business.

Integrated accounting management system

Yonyou software will effectively establish a network-based, group-shared service center. Our financial management systems will support the real-time supervision, as well as providing group operating business’ synergistic effects. Our programs will give you a holistic view across different aspects of your business.

Features of Yonyou’s financial accounting software:

•    Single database on the same platform

•    Support multi-groups, multi-business units, multiple accounting books and multiple accounting policies

•    Real time enquires on financial data

•    Generate multiple level consolidation report dynamically

•    Support user-defined enquiry and voucher template

•    Powerful drill down function

•    Support attachment upload

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