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A proper HR management system (HRMS) is essential to ensuring smooth business operations. HR software should be flexible and expandable to accommodate your unique, operating needs. Whether you run a multi-national enterprise or a small family business, every company has unique needs surrounding growth and development.

Another feature of a perfect human resources management system is that it must accommodate the operating systems you are currently using at your company. A user-friendly HRMS can reduce your time and cost to align different systems.

The most sought-after HRM System

Here at Yonyou, we aim to help businesses outperform the competition and deliver the best results. We strive to offer the best human resources information system to help companies perform at the highest possible standard.

Yonyou is one of the largest HR management software company in the Asia Pacific region. We have held a large market share in China for several consecutive years. Our company provides services to over 3000 large and medium-sized enterprises in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand etc. We aim to delight our customers by delivering multiple regional payroll solutions and unified group controls (multiple branches). With Yonyou, we can help you:

•    Understand your talents
•    Keep track on attendance and leave records
•    Develop succession plan
•    Support 360 degree review and assessment
•    Analyze talent strategies through business intelligence and information
•    Calculate and analyze labor cost
•    Hire the right people in the right place
•    Narrow the gap between the person and the job
•    Recognize and expand the business quickly

Find out more about our HRMS

Experience for yourself the magic of our human resources information systems with full set of business solution, from implementation, customization, training to maintenance and support, by calling us at 852 2122 9886 or making an enquiry at Contact Us. Book one of our free, confidential consultations to discuss your business needs.