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Core Modules


Tender Management

Building a dynamic business management system; life-cycle management of tender process

  • Supplier Management
  • Bid Process Management
  • Award Management

Budget Management

Building a completed project budget management system: budget-contract-payment is linked together, strictly control cost incurring.

  • Target Cost Management
  • Target Cost Adjustment

Contract Management

To deliver successful projects, project-centric organization needs to proactively manage contractual obligations and changes in contract specification.

  • Contract Management
  • Invoicing and Payment Management
  • Contract Settlement

Cost Management

Improve project costing processes – Cost Management provides a complete integrated cost management solution which empowers managers with timely, detailed project cost information to monitor project performance and take corrective actions.

    • Dynamic Cost Management
    • Cost Analysis

Onsite Management

Onsite Management provides project managers the visibility and control they need to execute their projects, manage change efficiently and improve project profitability.

      • Variation Order (VO) Management
      • Quality Management
      • Safety Management

Progress Management

Project Progress is a key activity of project management with project manager issues regular progress reporting against budget, schedule and scope.

      • Plan Management
      • Milestone Management
      • Progress Analysis


Suppliers’ Portal

The Supplier Portal, as part of yonyou e-Commerce suite, integrates with other application modules such as Purchase Management and Account Payables.

      • Supplier Portal enables you and your suppliers as collaboration partners to be more efficient by allowing access to updated information including purchase orders, delivery and payment status.The Purchase Sourcing function enables an efficient sourcing process through online collaboration; suppliers can submit their quotations and/or response to quote, organization made bid comparison, negotiate and better on-board the selected supplier.Achieve better efficiency by serving as a Web Store for site items requisition which integrates with backend Purchase Management.

Mobile App

Manage one-site inspections and having access to project issues online mean project people can make most of their efficient time while on-site.

  • Project Management Mobile Solution (PM+)