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      Provide One-stop F&B Solution for Chain Restaurants


      Focusing on the three operation systems of member operation, store operation and enterprise integrated operation, yonyou F&B solution provides software/hardware, deployment/operation and maintenance one-stop IT service and operation service for catering enterprises, and fully assists the success of the restaurant.

      Quality of branches is uneven, and it is hard to control.

      High employee mobility, high recruitment, training, and management costs

      Lack of IT talent, corporate strategy is difficult to land

      Membership marketing effectiveness is limited

      Food hygiene and safety pose a great impact on business operation

      Information island phenomenon

      The information system is not up-to-date

      Smart restaurant transformation

      High procurement and maintenance costs, with low efficiency


      Supply Chain Management

      Rigorous supplier access and evaluation mechanism; docking with yonyou cloud – to provide a holistic supply chain management platform to streamline operation and communications

      Quality Management

      Through whole batches management, expiry dates management, quality inspection and management, yonyou food industry distribution management system enables food enterprises to realize the whole product life cycle management and monitoring to manage and monitor the quality of every batches throughout raw materials, semi-finished products until the end products; the system establishes product quality and food safety traceability system to ensure the implementation of food safety system.

      Swift Management of Stores

      Through a unified UAP technology platform, yonyou enables the unified norms and standards in the overall operations and management of the enterprises of food chain operation; achieve the high integration of order management, sales management, marketing management, membership management, POS management, entire inventory management, logistics management and others in stores chain; achieve the integration of operation and finance.

      Flexible Promotion Activities

      Considering not only the taste, brand, price factor draws more and more attention when customers choose the products. Which promotion method can better attract customers? Different promotions have different impacts on the production and operation of enterprises. Yonyou distribution management solutions for the food industry provide food distribution enter-prises supports of a variety of promotions in response to the different marketing strategies.

      Real-time Credit Control and AR Management

      In logistics of the food industry, credit delivery becomes more and more important, especially for large dealers and customers. Yonyou enterprise management software intelligently accomplishes the management of credit control in the step of order entry, reflecting customer credit information, payment information, and account receivable information in real-time manner to enhance the control over delivery to customers and channels.

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      Yonyou Network Co., Ltd. (in Chinese, “用友”) was founded in 1988 and is now recognised as a leading enterprise management software, solutions and cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region.

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