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The New Retail concept has been has inspired new vitality in the industry. It combines the advantages of physical stores and online stores, using online and offline data, optimising resource allocation to create an efficient retail market. Yonyou is proudly to introduce our latest innovative scene-based service – Smart Retail.

The New Era of Retail: Retailers are facing huge opportunities

  • The development of technology, the escalation in consumer demand, and the emergence of multiple retail formats across the industry have driven the development of new retail.
  • The rapid development of the mobile has changed people’s living, reading, social, and spending habits.
  • Online payments are becoming more popular, and mobile phones are a must-have for getting out.
  • AI technology application promotes marketing innovation
  • Consumption stratification, and people are more willing to pay for services.
  • Brand, personality, fun, and hashtags become the characteristics of young consumer groups

Pain Points of Traditional Retailers

The biggest difference between new retail and traditional retail is the reconstruction of the scenario. In the past, enterprises first determined the goods, determined the channels, and finally determined who they were selling. Now the core becomes the “people”. Data of traditional stores are relatively small. Obtaining the post-transaction data of the company to analyze the consumer’s portrait is difficult. For example, the consumer behaviour track, the consumer identity, gender, personality, preferences, store traffic data, and the attention span of the product.

Yonyou’s Smart Retail solution helps companies build digital smart stores through digital operations, digital marketing, and digital transactions with software + hardware, creating new shopping experiences and scenarios for consumers, empowering companies to get in touch with target customers with omni-channels.

yonyou Smart Retail Total Solution

Yonyou Smart Retail Solution Architecture

yonyou Smart Retail service provides service on the management of merchandise, price, promotion, reservations, payments, inventory, store management and other business, as well as the online and offline transactions and collaboration, customer membership management. Combining with smart devices and the AI technology, to achieve face recognition, and intelligent shopping guide to achieve precision marketing.

yonyou Smart Retail Solution Highlights:

  1. Digital stores: The traditional industry retailing has evolved into a high-efficiency, low-cost e-commerce model, digital management of the transaction process, and the creation of digital online stores.
  2. Socialized operation: Based on the social platforms, users are acquired through the sharing and dissemination of the fan economy model, and the consumer’s purchase demand will be stimulated in the social platforms.
  3. Omnichannel Integration: Advanced technology to create a smart retail store, and integrate the offline shopping experience and online payment convenience

Product Key Features:

  1. Flexible Payment Methods: Cash, WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay card, etc, a variety of payment methods can be arbitrarily selected.
  2. Unified Management of Products: Centralize the product management in online and offline stores to improve the daily operation efficiency.
  3. Multi-dimensional pricing: Support differentiated pricing in different regions, members and stores, and deliver them to store execution in one-stop.
  4. Diverse Promotion Methods: Provide discounts, gifts, packages and other promotional methods etc, flexible promotion settings and accurate processing.
  5. Omnichannel membership management: unified membership management in malls, marketplaces, and physical stores.
  6. Social Platform Management: Share latest news and promotions through the Wechat and other social platforms.
  7. Hardware Intelligence: Support shopping guide robots, visual recognition systems, smart shopping guides, smart member recognition system.
  8. Seamless docking with ERP: seamlessly interface with yonyou NC and U8 to realize retail, supply chain and financial integration management.

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