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Vietnam Business Solution

In the context of global trade, companies can make use of Vietnam’s low tax rates and free trade to develop manufacturing in Vietnam through capital and technology exports to gain access to the entire ASEAN and even the international market.


What are the challenges of Vitenam business?


If you are…

  • Headquartered in China, setting up subsidiaries in Vietnam
  • Enterprises operating in Vietnam: performing production and marketing functions, such as clothing, furniture, electronics, trade, etc.


Companies encounter differences in language, data format, currency, laws and regulations

Loss of control

The establishment of offices in Vietnam triggers the issue of decentralized management

Why choose yonyou Vietnam business solution?

Full-scale cloud ERP solution

yonyou ERP is upgraded to a hybrid cloud architecture, a more secured, more flexible, and more efficient platform, that support wide a range of industry.

Achieve centralized financial control from bookkeeping to analytics
Supply Chain
Reduce work flow cycle time and maximize efficienvy
Human Capital
Deliver the perfect experience to your employee

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On-going local support

  • Vietnamese on-site training
  • Vietnamese language pack adaptation and upgrade services
  • Multilingual daily problem support
  • Localized financial report and voucher configuration 

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Your localization partner

yonyou solution fully solved the difference in businesss and accounting policy between China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Fixed asset depreciation
Vietnam requires depreciation on a daily basis, while China generally depreciates on a monthly basis
Tax rates
Records corporate income tax, value added tax, foreign contractor tax (FCT), withholding tax (WHT) , etc.
Accounting policy
Supports multiple books and multiple accounting system
Exchange gains & losses
Performs the calculation of exchange gains and losses by day, week, month, etc.

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How yonyou fits your business process?

Multi-language UI & data entry

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Vietnamese

Clean Interface

  • Easy to use
  • Save users time

Client Stories

How our clients use ERP to enhance ROI

“The team at yonyou showed professionalism in their technical advice and provided us with great aftercare services!”

John Loh

General Manager, EPSON



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