Yonyou Global Partners Recruitment Program

Become the Yonyou Business Partner to provide digital and intelligent transformation services to enterprises worldwide.

Why join the Yonyou Global Partners Recruitment Program

The Yonyou Global Partner Recruitment Program (YGPRP) has helped promote over 2,000 partners around the world. As the world’s leading ERP provider, Yonyou utilizes continuous knowledge transfer and business model innovation to help business partners succeed and grow. Through 36 years of experience, Yonyou, together with its business partners, has provided ERP products and digital transformation services to more than 6.8 million enterprises worldwide.

New solution

As the No.1 ERP & Cloud service provider in Asia, Yonyou provides Native cloud SAAS solutions that accelerate globalization and raise branding awareness across the world.

Cost effective

Yonyou’s competitive solution can save up to 50% of total cost compared with the global mainstream solutions.

Zero threshold for new partner

Not required to pay any partnership entrance fee to Yonyou.

Mutual trust

Not required to pay any deposit fee to Yonyou.

Lower quota commitment

Commitment for the annual quota for Yonyou can be as low as USD 10,000.

Awesome rebate scheme

Up to 40% rebate based on annual subscription fee.
* Only valid till 31st Dec.2024

Yonyou Overseas Business Partners Map

Mainland China

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Hong Kong

Resources Support for Yonyou Overseas Partners

Yonyou provides partners with comprehensive support to ensure business success.

Products & Solutions Support

Specialized product training to help partners quickly familiarize themselves with Yonyou’s product prices.

Business Development Support

Provide comprehensive guidance and project pre-sales support to quickly realize conversion.

Marketing Support

Provide marketing and promotional support to help partners realize market coverage and expansion.

Become the Yonyou Business Partner and win in the future together!

Contact us

Partner Manager’s E-mail
[email protected]

For More Information

Visit Yonyou to learn more about products, solutions and partners policy.

Agreement Signing

Partner Agreement Signature.

Partner Support

Pre-sales and implementation support.