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      Our HR system complies with HK & Mainland labor law and tax system to facilitate cross-border management. Our outstanding model is to increase efficiency and empower employees.

      Employees are one of the most important assets of a business. They play a vital role in the productivity and growth of a business. A team of skilled and experienced individuals can take your business a long way. With the right people, a business can beat its competitors and grow in the market. As a result, many small and large businesses have a specialized HR department that searches for talented individuals and recruits, train, and promote them to perform in a fast-paced and challenging business environment and market conditions. 

      However, with the change in local and global market scenarios and business requirements, the conventional HR management methods are becoming outdated and ineffective. This has resulted in the requirement of an innovative and integrated approach to improve people management in businesses.

      An automated HR system is a new trend in businesses across the globe. It provides a superior and successful strategy to make your business functioning more consistent and flexible. 

      1. Saves Time

      With an integrated HR system, all the information will be available in one single platform. It helps in saving time and provides easy access to information. Having different information about employees on different systems, and gathering information from there can be a time-consuming process. It slows down productivity and leads to an increased number of questions and doubts. 

      With an integrated system, you collaborate everything so that employers or employees have to access only one platform and get a multitude of HR-related information. It also reduces the possibility of manual intervention and errors.

      2. Helps in avoiding re-recording of data

      With several systems on-premise, you might make the same entry more than once, leading to unnecessary duplication of data. Using an HR system, you can have all the information in one place and with only one set of up-to-date data. This will help in avoiding duplication of data, save your employees a lot of hours that they can use in improving their productivity, and meeting their goals. There will be consistency in the recording of data and can be used by anyone within the organization.

      3. Better accuracy

      With an automated integrated HR system, you can achieve higher accuracy in the recording of your data. Since data is entered only once, it provides the added benefit of accurateness. If more people are entering the data in different systems, it increases the chances of human errors and with one wrong, many other wrongs can occur. An automated HR system might not completely remove the chances of errors, but it can reduce them significantly, giving you more confidence in the employee records.

      In most cases, integrated HR systems offer a comprehensive solution for HR personnel. They have many advanced features that help in streamlining all the processes and improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

      Overall, the HR system helps with accuracy, enables better automation, removes repetition, and more. This helps HR teams deliver more productive performance and take the business to the next level.

      Yonyou and HR System

      Yonyou helps companies with implementing the HR system as per their requirements and current situation. It helps them in improving their HR management and work on enhancing other capabilities of the group. This system supports and complies with various local guidelines and tax regulations of Hong Kong, China, Macau, Singapore, Mainland Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

      Yonyou's HR system supports talented people based on their performance management continually. It offers to support the organization’s continuous development, business innovations, business insights, data operation analysis, flexible human resources reports, business transformation, and more. 


      Collaboration · Empowerment · Vitalisation

      A digital employee empowerment platform for medium-and-large enterprises, leading the digitalization of human resource management

      The group HR management and control system is the basis of large-scale group enterprises. Enterprises should choose a HR management and control model that is suitable for business development and establishing supporting mechanisms. It is necessary to clearly define the functions of the human resources department of the group’s headquarter and branches, achieve the consistency of human resource management policies and corporate culture, and, at the same time, improve management efficiency.

      yonyou helps companies implement the HR management and control system based on the actual situation of the enterprise, and improve the HR management and control capabilities of the group. yonyou HRM system also realizes the centralization of the group’s human resources system to ensure commonality and individuality.

      Enhance the capability of HR management 

      Global HRM optimization

      Standardize human resources processes and create an efficient human resources management system; Cross-border payroll management, in line with various local payscale, MPF and tax regulations (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia)

      From management to operation

      Support human resources shared service. HR management is in line with the corporate strategy. Foster talents based on continuous performance management. The employee self-service platform enhances employee experience and participation, stimulates employee vitality, and empowers employees

      Redefine organizations and talents

      Drive the organization’s continuous development and business innovation; business insights based on data operation analysis, flexible preparation of human resources reports (employee salary / vacation / attendance record reports …), leading business transformation and upgrade

      Core Service

      yonyou HRM system 用友人力資源管理系統 -02
      • Multi-level organization management
      • Department management, position management
      • Organization Chart
      yonyou HRM system 用友人力資源管理系統 -05 考勤請假管理 Attendance & Leave management
      • Employee self-service platform
      • Leave and attendance rules, mobile attendance
      • Approval Flow management
      • Leave managemnt and flexible roster management
      • Calendar UI for employees to review and apply for leave
      • Work hour and overtime management
      • Daily report & monthly report
      yonyou HRM system 用友人力資源管理系統 -03 員工管理 employee management
      • Centralized employee master data and personal details
      • Master list of employee skills and abilities, analyze the knowledge, skills and professional standards required for the position
      • Employee’s enrollment
      • Notification of contract expiration and birthday
      yonyou HRM system 用友人力資源管理系統-10 Payroll 薪資計算管理
        • cross-border and cross-field payroll management with compliance to diverse local payroll, social security and taxation rules
        • salary payment rules and salary policy at the HR control center.
        • Perform budget control according to the management requirements of organizations.
        • Various report template embedded, providing in-depth payroll analysis for your HR decision making.
      yonyou HRM system 用友人力資源管理系統-09 績效(評估)管理 Appraisal Management
      • Online performance evaluation system
      • Employee self-service platform
      • Provide performance data analysis
      yonyou HRM system 用友人力資源管理系統 -07 Recruitment 招聘管理
      • Recruitment planning, job posting
      • Candidates apply for positions online, resume screening
      • Talent assessment / written test management, interview management
      • Interview feedback, Offer management
      • Candidate recruitment process
      • Optimize the recruitment process
      • Headquarter collaborates on business management and control of member companies and internal resume resources can be shared
      yonyou HRM system 用友人力資源管理系統 -06 流程管理 application approval
      • Employee / manager self-service center
      • Process management, process monitoring
      • Submit leave application and reimbursement through mobile device



      yonyou HRM system 用友人力資源管理系統 -04 員工線上學習系統 Employee Online Learning
      • Establish a training system to ensure that employees develop the right skills and abilities 
      • Set up a centralized training resource system to provide courses to employees
      • Analyze training-related data and choose the right candidates from the system
      • E-learning platforms and applications allow employees to access information anytime, anywhere
      • Analyze reports to measure the value and effectiveness of training

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