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      Real Estate

      Project Management – Project Costing – Tenant Management

      yonyou Real Estate Industry Solution Overview

      yonyou’s real estate industry solution is built on the basis of NC which is a high-end ERP System. Yonyou has built the core business management platform for the real estate enterprises based on the platform framework of the technically advanced iUAP software, which includes Tender Management, Project Management, CRM Sales Operation, Property Operation and Group Property Management System.

      Core Functions

      Meet the current needs of cross-regional and multiple real estate project management of the group

      Improve work efficiency and strengthen work transparency and collaboration of each department
      Achieve information and knowledge sharing across the entire company through smooth and high speed network platform

      Integrate management of real estate project, tender, human resources, marketing, centralized finance and decision support to improve professional capability of enterprise

      Strengthen financial resource management, real estate project  costing, accounting and analytical ability as well as overall management of capital

      Achieve real time information and immediately analyze through the integrated information system to provide sufficient support for leaders in decision-making

      1. Management Solution

      • To standardize tender management flow and establish tender information system, cost control and project quality are the key points of TMS.

      2. Centralized Procurement

      • To greatly reduce cost while guaranteeing quality through centralized procurement

      • To standardize the procurement flow to make information more transparent and easily control the process

      • To insist on the principles of openness, justice and fairness in purchasing business

      CRM Sales Operation Integrated marketing/ Marketing planning/Pricing Management/Sales Process Management/Customer Service/Membership Service
      Property Operation Resource Integration –

      The core of the commercial real estate operation relies on the planning at early stage and commercial operation at the late stage

      • Real estate project management
      • Real estate project costing
      • Contract management
      • On-site management
      • Real estate project budget planning/progress management

      The system is aimed at commercial real estate, such as office buildings, shops, apartments and other types of commercial businesses. It focuses on the investment management, rental billing system, and client operations of commercial real estate businesses. The business process is based on the customer-centric commercial real estate business operation process, and uses this as a model to improve the management level and competitiveness of real estate companies in commercial real estate.