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Discover our cloud ERP system, an enterprise resource planning platform to manage your business. Best practices across 68 industries & ready for all kinds of business models.

ERP (enterprise resource planning) plays a crucial role in business growth

For continuous growth, a business needs innovation. To achieve a faster growth rate, you need to bring many innovative ideas to reach your goals. ERP (enterprise resource planning) plays a crucial role in business growth. It is an assimilated management of several business processes at one platform using software and technology. Nevertheless, traditional ERP might not be enough with the way technology and business practices are evolving every day. 

This is where Cloud ERP comes in

This is where Cloud ERP comes in. Cloud ERP system include software and tools that are managed in the cloud, as compared to traditional ERP which is managed on the systems located on the premises of the business.

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning provides businesses with much-needed scalability and flexibility. It is easy to use and can work alongside innovation. 

Today many companies are switching from traditional ERP to cloud ERP

Today many companies are switching from traditional ERP to cloud ERP. This is because cloud ERP is much more cost-effective as compared to on-premise ERP. It saves a lot of money as everything takes place on the cloud and you don’t need to manage your own data centers. Just pay your cloud ERP service provider on a monthly or annual basis and manage your business processes. 

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning offers a high level of flexibility for businesses 

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning offers a high level of flexibility for businesses. Since everything is managed on the cloud, you can access it from any remote location as long as your device has access to a reliable internet connection. That means you don’t have to be at your business premises to make important decisions. You can do it even when you are on the go. You can easily share data and choose which reports will offer the best insight for your company.

Using a cloud-based ERP system

Using a cloud-based ERP system makes it easier to scale your business growth at a faster rate while making full utilization of your available resources and spending less. It helps businesses in keeping up with competitors and meeting customers’ demands. A Cloud ERP system is ideal for startups and businesses with faster-growth capabilities. You can also avoid the hustle and bustle of maintaining on-premise ERP systems with costly expenditures. 

Cloud ERP are managed by top-class service providers

Cloud ERP offers a fast and secure environment for your data since the data centers for Cloud ERP are managed by top-class service providers. It means you don’t have to spend huge amounts on the management and security of your data. Your cloud host will keep it secure and easily accessible at any time you need. 

ERP system that can help your business grow

If you are a startup or a growing company, you might be in the need of a cloud-based ERP system that can help your business grow, maintain cost-effectiveness, keep your data secure, ensure all your business processes are streamlined, provide easy accessibility with complete flexibility, and offer scalability. Yonyou ERP can do it for you. 

Yonyou Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning

Yonyou has been around for more than 30 years. With years of experience in enterprise services, we offer cloud ERP services that have been built on the future-proof digital technology to deliver a comprehensive enterprise management platform. Our cloud-based ERP platform mainly focuses its efforts on digital management, digital operation, and digitization of businesses. It ultimately helps all-size enterprises to attain a wide-ranging digital and automated management of business assets, customer management, and human resource.

Yonyou cloud ERP is built on hybrid architecture

Yonyou cloud ERP is built on hybrid architecture, which is more secure, flexible, and efficient. We offer our ERP services for all kinds of business models and across 68 industries. It can help businesses with real-time management of their limited resources and achieve optimum utilization.

Digital Management · Digital Operation · Digital Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Being open, interconnected and integrated, yonyou ERP services are ready for all kinds of business models, which helps enterprises with real-time control of resources.


Why choose yonyou ERP?

A full-scale ERP solution

Built with a hybrid cloud architecture, yonyou ERP provides a more secured, flexible, and efficient platform, that supports a wide range of business functions.

Accounting & finance

Digitalize & centralize financial processes

Supply Chain

Reduce workflow cycle time and maximize operation efficiency

Human Resource

Deliver a perfect experience and motivate employees to perform better

Enable enterprise internationalization

yonyou enables seamless data exchange and communications across functional divisions and business units without regional boundaries.

Continuous innovation for future growth

yonyou places great importance on R&D and perfect the products and services continuously.

Support & Services

All-round maintenance and support services provided by experienced local support team

What's New in youyou

yonyou's 3.0 strategy

How yonyou ERP fits your business process?


For group enterprises


Make business innovation reachable

NC cloud

Group enterprises management platform

For growing enterprises


Cloud services for growing businesses

U8 cloud

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Make work faster with automation

yonyou RPA solution supports intelligent image recognition (OCR) of various documents and invoices, including delivery note, contract, email and PO & SO etc.

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Yonyou offers a cohesive, automated, real-time, and smart financial management platform for all types of business models. Yonyou\\'s financial management system offers services in the field of accounting, financial services, and treasury management. It provides a comprehensive solution to meet the complex requirements of financial management, building financial value, improving productivity, reducing expenditures, and managing risks. 

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