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Globalization 2.0:New Product, New Solution, New Region

Yonyou established its Overseas Business Unit headquarters in Hong Kong in 2003. Yonyou Overseas has served more than 1,000 overseas mid-size and large enterprises and has successfully delivered projects in more than 40 countries and regions.

Yonyou’s Globalization Solution

Under the policy background of “One Belt, One Road” and “Dual Circulation”, the time is ripe for Chinese enterprises to go overseas and embark on the road of globalization in search of new development opportunities.


Yonyou BIP supports multiple languages, multiple time zones, multiple formats, multiple currencies, multiple criteria, localized access, etc, further expanding the scope of localized applications.


Background and Trends of Enterprise Globalization

Three Waves

  • Digital Intelligence
  • Globalization
  • Sustainability

Two Developments

  • Chinese Enterprises: Speed up globalization
  • Chinese Software and Services Vendors: The global competitiveness of products and services has increased significantly

Three Clients Focus

  • Global Application
  • Localized Services
  • Data Security and Compliance

Solution Features

Global Intelligent Finance Solutions

Global HR Data Governance

Three Security Compliance, Eight Financial Solutions

Data Security Compliance

  • EGlobal data governance solution
  • ECloud deployment solution
  • EData security compliance solution

Financial Solutions

  • EGlobal accounting solution
  • EGlobal consolidation report solution
  • EGlobal cost management solution
  • EComprehensive budget management solution
  • EGBS solution
  • EGlobal treasury management solution
  • EGlobal tax management solution
  • EFinancial mid-end solution

Digital Compliance Application Strengthens Global Risk Control

Satisfying Regulatory Requirements

  • EClassification
  • ETOMs
  • ENotifaction
  • ERequest

Data Retention Period Management

  • EEmployee data retention period
  • EAutomatic process upon license expiry

Solution Values

Global Delivery

Delivered projects in over 40 countries and regions, with 12 overseas branches covering Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, North America, Europe, Japan, the Middle East and Africa. 

Global Application

Cover 10 major fields including finance, HR, supply chain, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, R&D, project, asset and OA, providing applications that integrate the major areas of enterprise business and management. 

Localized Services

Support multi-language, multi-time zone, multi-format, multi-currency, multi-criteria, localized access, etc. It can carry out localized presets based on the customer’s business scenarios and via the globalized data model.

Data Security & Compliance

The Singapore data center was put into operation in March 2022, which greatly enhanced data security compliance, protected user privacy and served more overseas customers.

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