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Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence (BI) Report

Yonyou’s Business Intelligence (BI) Report can automatically retrieve data, perform statistical analytics and generate graphical reports with just one click. It is also equipped with personalized and flexible configuration and supports secondary revision after BI report generation. It is fully equipped with intellectual property rights and is domestically produced and controlled.

Digital business analytics reports improve efficiency and eliminate lag

The eight core features of the Business Intelligence (BI) Report reduce time and effort to compile, shortening report preparation time and improving timeliness, accelerating the decision making process.Analytics Cloud 3D visual modeling virtualizes the data handling and monitors everything comprehensively. Enterprises apply Analytics Cloud in all dimensions to monitor business easily, driving growth.

Main features

1Multiple data retrieval sources
2Personalized templates
3Built-in statistical formula calculation
4Full support graphical report styles
5Support secondary revision of reports
6Support permission management
7Large number of industry report templates
8Third party application integration

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Yonyou Analytics Cloud 16 - 智能報告

The Business Intelligence Report satisfies customer’s needs for precise data analytics reports

Through the working on BI reporting projects, Yonyou can help enterprises achieve the strategic goal of automated and intelligent data collection for analytics and reporting, boosting the digitalization and intelligentization process.

yonyou analytics cloud 16

Improve efficiency and data accuracy

By setting the measurement of KPI calculation, the system can automatically retrieve the data, calculate the statistics and formula results, and output the analytics results. It gives report editors more time to conduct in-depth research on the data analytics results.

yonyou analytics cloud 17

Technologically advanced and easy to maintain

No plug-ins are required. It is a cross-platform operation, free to edit report templates, fully support Word charts, flexible customization of data analytics report templates, and thereby indirectly reduces maintenance costs.

yonyou analytics cloud 18

Secondary processing, online editing

Due to changes in the market environment, it is possible to edit the text, tables, and results, including the statistical graphs of analytics, after the report has been published. It can edit, save, export or print the results directly through the online document editor.

yonyou analytics cloud 19

Local research and development, independent and controllable

Based on Yonyou’s UAP technology platform, the product is rapidly updated on a bi-weekly basis. 100% independent intellectual property rights, nationalized and controllable.

Analytics Cloud solution is just for you

Digitalized data analytics services deliver commerical values

3D Visual Modeling

Based on the high performance of WebGL’s B/S, 3D visualization has a real-time display of process flow and alarm messages.

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Business Intelligence Report

The intelligent production of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports allows executives and employees to focus on operation data analytics.

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Analytics Cloud

– Establish a data-sharing platform
– Improve the efficiency of operational data analytics
– GIS map, multi-level map, and 60+ graphical model

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