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Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS)

yonyou supports 5 mandatory modules of DWSS, including RFI/RISC form, site diary, site cleanliness records, labour return records and site safety records, as well as other solution-wise requirements.

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What is DWSS?



  1. Gov’t projects
  2. Projects >$0.3B
  3. Commence after April 1st, 2020

Cost guideline

Not exceed either $10M or 0.5% of estimated contract sum whichever is lower

Time schedule

Deploy system within 3 months upon contract commence date

What does yonyou DWSS do?

RFI/ RISC form

  • Photo records
  • Submit inspection form
  • Approval process
  • Automatically generated unique identifier (Doc. No.)

Available operations on PC & mobile

  • Create, draft, submit, reject, return, track, alert, countersign

Site diary

  • Progress of work
  • Plant & labour employed
  • Weather & site condition
  • Site photos
  • Site activities
  • Any occurrence which affect the progress or quality of works


  • The form/record can be customized and re-designed to include additional information

Safety inspection records

Safety forms

  • Safety inspection checklists
  • Environmental inspection checklists
  • Safety performance records (Accident rate statistics, LD/MD improvement and suspension notice,Conviction Record, etc.)

Cleansing inspection checklists

Inspection checklist

  • Daily cleansing inspection checklist
  • Weekly cleansing inspection checklist
  • Cleanliness performance record

Photos & E-signature

  • Photos can be captured and uploaded to the form as a proof of inspection
  • All parties involved in the process will be recorded with time stamp. E-signature can also be provided if required.

Labour return record

Record the employment information

  • Record of working time of each employees
  • Automatically calculated daily/weekly working hours
  • Wage payment calculation
yonyou-CITF Logo_Pre-approved product

Pre-approved by

Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF)


Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, & English are supported

Common API

The data collected through yonyou’s system is extractable by an API. It is also compatible with BIM.

Secure network

The system is accessible through secure network.

Account locking

Account will be suspended for a 5 consecutive failed login attempts with two-factor authentication


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