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Office Automation (OA)

yonyou Office Automation (OA) solution allows your enterprise to become virtually paperless and fully digital with collaborative work, e-form, document management, meeting arrangement, etc.


Why choose yonyou OA?

Create efficient & flexible workflows

Dynamic Work flow engine facilitates the interactions between individuals and enables flexible management of internal processes.

  • hE-form & Approval
  • Collaborative Work
  • mDocument Sharing
  • Schedule Management
  • wMeeting Management
  • Organization Model

Stay productive anytime, anywhere

Access all the key functions through a mobile app to receive company updates, process approval applications, view reports and most importantly- collaborate with others on the go!

How yonyou OA Fits Your Business Process?

E-form & Approval

Create e-forms to support approval workflows. Allow various operations such as form creation, table structure configuration, real-time approval management and analytics.

OA system for internal approval management: Leave application, Purchase approval etc

Document Management

Manage important official document digitalization such as company policies, government regulations and classified documents in accordance with the government requirements.

A centralized document management and sharing center to promote knowledge sharing within the organizations.

Schedule Management

Build, manage and share your own business calendar, work plans and projects easily.

Meeting Management

Streamline the end-to-end meeting process, from meeting arrangement, premeeting preparation to post-meeting document distribution.

Company Culture Building

Publish news, events and discussions on a single platform to connect all the people and ideas within the organization for building corporate culture.

Paperless office transformation

Saving papers in some of the most paper-intense departments, such as HR and Finance. Moving from paper to digital documents can save time and costs that spent on printing and storing document.

Mobile app workflow automation

Access through the mobile app when working from home: approval applications, purchase requests, reimbursement and leave requests anytime anywhere.


OA Customer Success

How our clients use OA to enhance communications

“The team at yonyou showed professionalism in their technical advice and provided us with great aftercare services!”

John Loh

General Manager, EPSON

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