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Business Process Management (BPM)

Platform Introduction

The BPM platform comprehensively integrates with ERP, providing collaborative work, e-form, digital approval flow management, document management, employees performance management, meeting arrangement, mobile office etc.


Approval Flow Management

Access all the key functions through the mobile app to receive notifications, approval applications, view reports and most importantly- collaborate with others on the go!

Eform & Workflow

Create smart forms to support workflows. Allow various operations such as form creation, table structure configuration, real-time approval management and analytics.

Collaborative Work

Dynamic Work flow engine to facilitate the interactions between individuals and enable flexible management of internal processes.


Document Sharing Center

A centralized document management and sharing center to promote knowledge sharing within your organizations.

Organization Model

Define complex organization structures through flexible configurations.

Schedule Management

Build, manage and share your own business calendar, work plans and projects easily.


Meeting Arrangement

Streamline the end-to-end meeting process, from meeting arrangement, premeeting preparation to post-meeting document distribution.

Enterprise Portal

Present organizational information and provide a workspace from a single-entry point to everyone in the company.

Document Management

Manage important official document digitalization such as company policies, government regulations and classified documents in accordance with the government requirements.

Company Culture Building

Publish news, events and discussions on a single platform to connect talents and ideas within organization for building the enterprise culture.


A customizable enterprises portal can be set according to the preference of enterprises. An unified platform of sharing data, information, apps and related resources. By showing and processing different events and information, it connects end users.

Workflow Approval Management Centre

The entrance of daily work. You may send internal e-mails, submit applications, handle approval process, automate workflows, communicate across departments and query authorized information.

yonyou OA Office Automation Personalized Portal


All kinds of data, such as internal approval flows, application status, can be shown in graphics. You can be timely informed of any business change.

yonyou OA Office Automation Business Data Portale

Login Page Designer

Login Page Designer is able to impress you by providing different styles of slideshows.

yonyou OA Office Automation Login Page Designer 

Company Portal

An unified portal of company internal information. Company news, information, bulletins and announcement is open to all staff for in-time query and knowledge sharing.It is an important carrier of corporate culture and can strengthen the connection between staffs.

yonyou OA Office Automation Company Portal


A replacement of internal e-mail and traditional paper approval flows. Contract approval, reimbursement, leave applications, recruitment, expenses, procurement, work report and other daily approval flows can be processed on a single platform. All processed workflows can also shown in graphics making them transparent, controllable and achieving a paperless office.


Internal and external events will be timely and quickly transmitted to every corner of enterprises.


The platform simulates manual document and files handling, which makes sure an efficient and secure document sharing.


Support mobile application and approval centre. Support Android and IOS system. You can undergo any business process anytime, anywhere.


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