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The Office automation system digitalizes and automates internal workflows, increases productivity, reduces paperwork. Save your time & cost. Keep track of the review process online.

An office automation system is designed to automate and streamline various office operations, including inventory management, accounting, emails, document creations, and more. It is a combination of top quality hardware, software, and network connection. It is used to manage office information and data, which is needed to complete various office tasks and meet business goals. 

Office automation allows businesses to enhance their efficiency and identify ways to increase business profits. Initially, it was simply a data processing tool, which now has become a more advanced platform that can handle a variety of complex business tasks.

Benefits of Implementing Office Automation System

Easy data storage and data manipulation

Using the office automation system, it becomes easy to store and manipulate data. Data manipulation is the process where the data is modified to make it more organized and easy to read. Data storage can include confidential and non-confidential office documents and other records. Businesses can use office automation tools to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, and more. It can make it easier for anyone in the business to read, access, and use information.

Management of data

Data management is one of the key constituents of the office automation system. It provides a strategic edge for businesses by streamlining the stored data and information. It helps businesses manage various objectives within the office. They can schedule programs, set reminders, and do task management amongst others. It provides business with the opportunity to track the progress of the business without any trouble.

Sharing of information

Office automation makes it easier to store, manipulate, and exchange data within and outside the organization. Users can send or exchange documents, files, or information through electronic transfer. All this can be done within seconds and it allows the employees to work together in real-time and improve their productivity.

Achieving a high level of accuracy

With the office automation system in place, it becomes easier to maintain the accuracy of data. Computer systems and software work as good as a human brain. Indeed, it can be said that they offer more accurate and error-free results in everyday business processes. Office automation software is more reliable and reduces the probability of errors without human intervention.

Saves time and better utilization of resources

Businesses can save themselves a lot of time, money, and paperwork using office automation. It can complete the most complex tasks in a few minutes, which earlier took several hours and lots of resources. With the application of the latest technologies and network communications, businesses can work beyond the restrictions of their geographical location. As a result, they can save both time and money and focus more on improving the productivity of their business. 

Yonyou and Business Process Management (BPM)

Yonyou’s BPM platform systematically incorporates ERP, resulting in better work collaboration, document management, performance management, easier scheduling, access from mobile, etc.

Core Office Automation Services

●Enterprise Portal for information organization

●Organization Model with flexible configurations

●Active workflow and interactions within the organization and flexible management of business practices.

●Centralized document management for the easy sharing of information within the organization.

●Better workflow management 

●Manage your own business schedule, work plans, and projects.

●Make your end-to-end meeting arrangements, manage pre-meeting preparations, and monitor document distribution after the meeting.

●Access all the office automation tools through a mobile app, get notifications, view reports, collaborate with others from any location, and more.

●Manage important official documents under government regulations and guidelines.

●Share news, events, and discussions concerning organization on a single platform to provide easy access to others in the enterprise and keep them updated.

Speed up your workflow and communication

Office Automation (OA)

yonyou Office Automation (OA) solution allows your enterprise to become virtually paperless and fully digital with collaborative work, e-form, document management, meeting arrangement, etc.


Why choose yonyou OA?

Create efficient & flexible workflows

Dynamic Work flow engine facilitates the interactions between individuals and enables flexible management of internal processes.

  • hE-form & Approval
  • Collaborative Work
  • mDocument Sharing
  • Schedule Management
  • wMeeting Management
  • Organization Model

Stay productive anytime, anywhere

Access all the key functions through a mobile app to receive company updates, process approval applications, view reports and most importantly- collaborate with others on the go!

How yonyou OA Fits Your Business Process?

E-form & Approval

Create e-forms to support approval workflows. Allow various operations such as form creation, table structure configuration, real-time approval management and analytics.

OA system for internal approval management: Leave application, Purchase approval etc

Document Management

Manage important official document digitalization such as company policies, government regulations and classified documents in accordance with the government requirements.

A centralized document management and sharing center to promote knowledge sharing within the organizations.

Schedule Management

Build, manage and share your own business calendar, work plans and projects easily.

Meeting Management

Streamline the end-to-end meeting process, from meeting arrangement, premeeting preparation to post-meeting document distribution.

Company Culture Building

Publish news, events and discussions on a single platform to connect all the people and ideas within the organization for building corporate culture.

Paperless office transformation

Saving papers in some of the most paper-intense departments, such as HR and Finance. Moving from paper to digital documents can save time and costs that spent on printing and storing document.

Mobile app workflow automation

Access through the mobile app when working from home: approval applications, purchase requests, reimbursement and leave requests anytime anywhere.



OA Customer Success

How our clients use OA to enhance communications

“The team at yonyou showed professionalism in their technical advice and provided us with great aftercare services!”

John Loh

General Manager, EPSON

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