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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Based on the integration of smart robots and application scenarios, yonyou RPA solution quickly enables employees in digital enterprises with agile capabilities and fulfils the out-of-box functionality.


Why choose yonyou RPA solution?

A wide range of applications

yonyou RPA can be deployed to execute the process automation across various business functions and industries. 

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Report filling
  • Tax reporting
  • Exchange rate calculation
Sales & Marketing
  • Sales forecast
  • Predictive recommendations
  • Intelligent sourcing
  • Intelligent ordering
Human Capital
  • Resume screening
  • Staff self-service
  • Intelligent salary reporting
  • Candidate contact

Powerful built-in plug-ins

yonyou’s scalable RPA platform provides an open and integrated ecosystem, connecting the communities and markets

  • Software: 3rd-party ERP softwares e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc.
  • Programming: Character operations & RestfulAPI etc.
  • User interface: Simulation of mouse, keyboard etc. for input
  • yonyou NC/U8 ERP: input, import and export, forms etc.
  • Browser: IE kernel, chrome kernel etc.
  • Email: Email search & automations
  • Office softwares: Word and Excels
  • Image recognition (OCR): Various industry invoices
  • OS: Forms, consoles, batch processes, pasteboards etc.

How yonyou RPA fits your business activities?

Exchange rate robot

yonyou Robot retrieves updated exchange rates regularly, organizes the data according to the prescribed format, update the financial management system automatically.

Expense audit robot

The robot intelligently audits, records and monitors the process according to the pre-set rules. For example, the robot checks if there is prior approval for the travel expense reimbursement, and automatically selects the payment bank account. It also identifies invoices of selected suppliers.

Bank reconciliation robot

The robot logs into the online banking, downloads the statements, organizes the data according to the pre-set format, uploads the statement to the ERP, and completes the account settlement.

Document download robot

The robot queries the billing statement according to the entered billing number / invoice number / order number. For orders that needs to be billed, the robot extracts the data from the downloaded invoice, and checks whether the amount is consistent.


Speeds up your F&A operations

yonyou helps companies streamline Financial & accounting processes, including AR/AP verification, expense automation, and monthly close etc.

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