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Digitalization in Financial Services

Financial Services Industry: Technology Platform

Yonyou PaaS cloud platform adopts the latest cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, blockchain and other emerging technologies to provide intelligent and data services, serving digital transformation for modern enterprises. It supports system integration, low-code development and other services and solutions to incorporate the latest technology into enterprise management.

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Financial technology platform supporting business innovation and development

“Finance + Technology” is bringing innovative services to the finance sector. Yonyou’s financial technology platform supports the industry development with “platform, software, professional services, and industry cloud services”, and helps financial institutions adopt technologies to improve the efficiency of operations.

Middle OfficeTechnology | Data | Business | Intelligence
Development PlatformLow-code | No-code
DeploymentPublic Cloud | Private Cloud | Hybrid Cloud

Middle Office Architecture

Technology Middle Office – Integration of technology and business

With the expansion of the enterprise, the back-end management system needs to support more front-end businesses, resulting in an increasingly bulky system construction, which affects the stability of the system operation.

Yonyou provides an open platform architecture that allows enterprises to build, integrate, extend and manage all enterprise business applications. The platform is more intelligent, highly flexible and ecological, empowering the decision-making process of enterprises.

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Support Kubernetes
Full support for Kubernetes
Support independent cluster, independent Ingress
Yonyou Financial Service Industry Solution 用友金融行業方案18
Multiple environments
Publish applications by context and version; profiles and links can be isolated by context
Yonyou Financial Service Industry Solution 用友金融行業方案21
Repository mirroring

Common development languages; docker registry mirror, log monitoring

Yonyou Financial Service Industry Solution 用友金融行業方案20
Full journey tracking

Open up all nodes based on trace-id; journey tracking and abnormality alert             

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Hybrid cloud resource management

Unified management of resources; applications are classified & monitored

Middle Office Architecture

Data Middle Office – DaaS Data Service

“Jinfuqiao” is a financial data service platform launched by Yonyou, which aims to relieve the financing difficulties of enterprises. By building a data sharing platform, the lender and the borrower are connected. Various financing products are recommended to the appropriate prospects.

On the one hand, banks can check the operating conditions of enterprises on the platform, identify abnormal business operations, and analyze financial data and report data, so as to better perceive customers, improve customer experience, and improve operation efficiency. Through the platform, enterprises can better grasp their own business conditions, obtain financing advice. Financing products can be thereby integrated with actual business needs. A digital ecosystem of “production services + business models + financial services” is also created with the platform.

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Smart Center

Intelligent Middle Office · Helping Financial Institutions Explore Innovative AI Business Models

With the development of digitization, there is an increasing need for enterprises to solve data standardization and interconnection problems, such as the use of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), virtual personal assistant (VPA), etc. Applications solve a lot of repetitive work. Yonyou Intelligent Middle Office Solution provides four core capabilities: intelligent identification, AI robots, AI workshops, and algorithm model libraries to quickly build AI capabilities for enterprises.

Development Platform

Low-code development platform realizing ideas

Financial institutions place much importance on system stability and service delivery speed. The low-code development platform simplifies the coding process by combining Yonyou’s applications and ecosystem partners’ experience, empowering IT teams in financial institutions to quickly build innovative financial services for customers.

  • Data modeling: entity, enumeration, query
  • Page Building: Documents, forms, analysis, canvas
  • Process Automation: workflow, business Flow, RPA, extension functions
  • Integration: open API of Yonyou and service providers, internal API access
  • Release: menu/page, collaboration tools, technology middle office

Support digitalization from the aspects of operation, business and technology

With the intelligent technical platform, enterprises can build, integrate, expand and manage different kinds of business applications, supporting the robust transformation and innovation of the financial services industry.

Operation Platform

– Human Resources
– Finance
– Procurement and Assets
– Collaboration

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Business Applications

– Financial cloud
– Bank-enterprise direct cloud
– Marketing management
– Cross-border finance

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Technology Platform

– Technology middle office
– Data center
– Intelligent middle office
– Development Platform

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