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Business Intelligence

With the development of smart cities, Yonyou’s Analytics Cloud is a full business intelligence (BI) solution for analyzing business operation scenarios. It utilizes advanced technologies such as big data and cloud computing to provide flexible and convenient business intelligence & data analytics tools to enterprises, and supports both private and public cloud deployment.

Personalised BI & data analytics to improve business efficiency

Yonyou’s Analytics Cloud solution provides different types of business intelligence & data analytics services to accelerate digital transformation for enterprises.

Analytics Cloud

Data Collection

Support direct database connection and upload data to end-user, including structured and unstructured data

Analytics Cloud

Data Completion

Supplementary analysis of data with user-defined forms and approval flows; easy to fill in for further analysis.

Analytics Cloud

Data Cleaning

Integrate system and local data, transform and load data, and create the corresponding datasets based on business logic.

Analytics Cloud

Data Modeling

Integrate system and local data, transform and load data, and create data models based on business logic.

Analytics Cloud

Data Visualization

Support storyboards and composable analytics, drag and drop modules to get data analysis results; support graphs and complicated forms.

Analytics Cloud

Mobile Application

Support integration with WeChat Work and YouZone, one report support multiple end-users.

Analytics Cloud

Privilege Management

Control the visibility of report content and data.

Analytics Cloud

Preset Content

The data model is preset, rapid deployment is enabled, and editing is supported when used in combination with the NC finance module.

Analytics Cloud business solutions satisfy the users’ needs for in-depth business analysis.

Analytics Cloud helps enterprises to gain data insights and business analysis by offering convenient data collection, high efficiency of computing storage, all-round display, user-friendly experience, reliable data protection, and adaptability of multi-terminal browse. .

Yonyou Analytics Cloud 2

Value 1

3D Visual Modeling

Based on the high performance of WebGL’s B/S, 3D visualization has a real-time display of process flow and alarm messages.

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Value 2

Business Intelligence Reporting

The production of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual business intelligence reports allows executives and employees to focus on operation data analytics.

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Yonyou Analytics Cloud 3

Other Values for the BI & data analytics solution

Yonyou Analytics Cloud 7

Establish a data-sharing platform

Integrate all data for exchange, share business intelligence insights.

Yonyou Analytics Cloud 9

Improve the efficiency of operational analysis

Shorten the processing time from 70 minutes to 16 seconds.

Yonyou Analytics Cloud 7

GIS map, multi-level map, and 60+ graphical model

Improve the traditional analysis method and display effect, provide diverse methods, and more direct analysis results.

Yonyou Analytics Cloud 10

Chinese-style reporting

Compiling and issuing complex forms and filling in the data for review.

yonyou analytics cloud 13

Industry-wide and data analytics model experiences

Through our industry-wide experience in data analytics models and metrics, we can provide more valuable business intelligence insights and reduce costs for companies.

Yonyou Analytics Cloud 14

Large screen analysis, multi-screen interaction

Showcase your business with stunning visual effects.


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