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We provide a construction system for digital work supervision. A flexible platform designed for project progress and onsite management to enhance collaboration and streamline operation workflow.

Construction businesses have a lot of complexities, especially when it comes to their projects. Thus, many construction businesses are investing in integrated construction system software. These innovative construction system software help companies plan their projects and make the right cost estimates. These software help construction businesses with communication, decision making, budget control, cost control, onsite management, project progress management, and more. 

Easier and effective management

Construction management software helps businesses in implementing a methodical approach. They are user-friendly and allow the staff to make sure that the project progresses as per the plan. The software makes it easier to manage multiple projects and ensure that nothing derails the comprehensive and timely completion of the project.

Manage paperwork or documents

There is a lot of paperwork involved in construction projects, and everything must be documented and stored securely. Now, a lot of physical paperwork will need a lot of storage space, and it can make things quite confusing when you need them again. Maintaining consistent physical paperwork and printed documents can be costly and very time-consuming. With an integrated construction system, project managers can store relevant data in digital form and access it easily whenever needed. It also makes it easier to track the progress of the projects and coordinate with clienteles and suppliers. 

Easy access and sharing of the information

Construction system software allows the storing of all the project-related documents within one single location. Thus, the information can be accessed quickly and easily. Project managers can keep track of all the documentation and access and share the information as and when needed. It also helps them in concentrating on more important factors concerning project planning and development. 

Risk Assessment

Construction projects have lots of paperwork and other complex processes which, at times, can make it difficult to assess the possible risks that could hamper the progress of a particular project. Construction system software helps construction companies with project risk assessments so that they can be prepared in advance to deal with those risks. 

Improves business growth

Usually, construction projects are handled by highly skilled personnel who work with complete efficiency to complete the project in a timely fashion. By integrating construction software in your construction company, you can create a well-coordinated and effective project team. Your team can use the software to improve your business’ profitability and increase the overall growth rate. 

Better quality work

When you incorporate a construction system software into your construction projects, it helps in improving the overall quality of the project development. Construction software will help with planning, controlling, and organizing the project through all the stages of development. This software will also help in reducing delay costs, achieve good communication, and allow the team to work with their best potential and avoid perilous or costly mistakes.

Yonyou’s Construction System

At Yonyou, we offer construction system software, a complete solution for the construction businesses. It has been designed to offer comprehensive and flexible services for clients to improve collaboration, streamline project operations, and improve the productivity of the project and overall business. Our construction software offer services such as 

●Construction Tender Management – Includes budget analysis, profit and loss analysis, risk assessment, capital plan analysis, streamlined communication, delivering most up-to-date information, and more.

●Contract & Sub-contractor Management – Creates electronic contracts with signing, claim, cost, payment, and more. 

●Yonyou helps in creating contracts for signing, claiming, cost decision, and payment scheduling. 

●Onsite Safety & Collaboration – Mobile app with on-site safety, attendance, site incident report, construction records, and more.

●Project Process & Reporting – Provides project progress strategies, daily record, weekly-basis reports, site photo uploads, and more. 

●Construction Asset & Equipment

●Project Completion and Acceptance Report

●Paperless Office

●Seamless association between different parties and processes

●Access from a remote location, and more. 

Support your life-cycle construction project management

Construction & Engineering

yonyou construction management solution assists you in lower operation cost, shorter project life cycle and higher quality project delivery with the mobile APP and PC access.

Why choose yonyou construction management system?

Streamline operation workflow

 yonyou construction industry and designed to be a comprehensive and flexible system to enhance collaboration

Forms Customized forms and checklist

Approval flows Flexible approval flow can be processed in multiple flows

Dashboard & Reports Insightful summary & analytics


Manage onsite safety with one app


    • E-RSIC & E-RFI forms
    • Site photo upload
    • Permits to Work
    • Incident report
    • Site attendance


    • Defects
    • Inspection checklists
    • Performance tests
    • Rate statistics
    • Drawing management

Keep track of progress on your projects

Construction projects typically include hundreds of tasks and multiple phases that require careful planning and inspection. 

Tender Management

  • Tender profiles 
  • Document submission
  • Post-tender summary
  • Cost analysis

Sub-contractor Management

  • Contractor profiles
  • Cost & Payment
  • Progress claim
  • Variation Order (VO) submission

Asset & Equipment

  • Inventory control
  • Depreciation & Lifetime costs calculation
  • Track & Trace

Project Progress & Reporting

  • Project progress planning
  • Site photo upload
  • Mobile work order assignment
  • Weekly report

How yonyou fits your business process?

yonyou construction engine screenshot

Finance management generally covers department budget control, expense request and claim. There are also powerful report tool and interactive dashboard to provide 360-degree analysis on project operations.

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Human Resources

The entire employee lifecycle can be managed on our platform, from recruitment interview evaluation to leaving feedback reports, and with running through approval flows only, real-time updates would be pushed to the background database.

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Procurement management is to streamline companies’ procurement processes, starting from material requisition to goods received. With reference to the inventory status, requisition and order will be released. 

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Facilitate admin works including not only daily request like stationery or company vehicle application, but also insurance, services, dormitory management and authority offences.

BrochureProject Management



Digital Works Supervision System

From 1st April 2020, the capital works with pre-tender estimate exceeding HK$300 million are required to adopt DWSS. 

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