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Digitalized Financial Services

Financial Services Industry:
Digitalized Management System

Facing the ever-changing financial regulations and accounting standards, flexible management systems are the key to the stable development of enterprises in the Financial Services Industry. Through digitalization, the information and business processes are integrated across various departments. The enterprises can then respond to the market and internal requirements quickly, facilitating the digital transformation of financial services.

Yonyou Financial Service Industry Solution 用友金融行業方案11

An All-round ERP to Improve Operational Efficiency in the Finance Sector

Yonyou ERP covers multiple business functions, facilitating collaborations across departments, and seamlessly integrating information and processes.

HRCore HR | Performance appraisal | Learning & development | Employee self-service
FinanceGeneral ledger | Financial shared service | Management accounting | Travel & expense
Procurement and AssetsProcurement management | Asset management
Workflow & CollaborationMobile Approval | Instant Messaging | File management | Report Query

Human Resources

Streamline HR processes & personalize talent management

HR is a key department in an enterprise. To effectively implement strategies, financial institutions require reasonable and accurate personnel allocation.

HR pain points in the FSI

– Complex organization structures with regulatory compliance challenges

– Complicated compensation structures which closely related to performance

– High demand for personalized training and knowledge management

– Different performance evaluation models for branches and functional departments

Yonyou HCM supports scenarios such as cost management, recruitment management, learning & development, performance & appraisal, and human resource shared services etc.


Based on the regulatory compliance of the Financial Services Industry, Yonyou provides solutions related to employee risk management such as job rotation, anti-nepotism policy, risk fund management, and employee behavior investigation.

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Financial management

Enhance standardization and data accuracy with centralized financial accounting

Under increasing regulatory constraints, the role of accounting in financial institutions becomes more critical. In response to the challenges, Yonyou provides a series of financial accounting, financial shared service, management accounting and other solutions for enterprises.

General ledger
at the transaction level

It covers general ledger, shareholders’ equity, financial analysis and group management solutions.

Through the accounting engine, users can customize accounting standards and information disclosure requirements, adjust the information technology structure, and provide accounting data support for the operation and management decisions of financial institutions.

Managerial Accounting

Yonyou’s managerial accounting platform provides a total solution for budgeting, financial analysis, and performance management. It helps control financial institutions’ scale, price, income, cost, profit, efficiency and other factors to facilitate the multi-dimensional performance evaluation.


Financial shared service

The purpose of shared services is to reduce the repetitive work of accounting personnel in financial institutions, such as expense reimbursement, accounting, report preparation, etc.

Handling work on a shared platform for centralized processing facilitates information retrieval and accounting can be handled in a standardized manner, and the progress of the integration of business and finance can be accelerated.

Travel and Expense

The Financial Services Industry has complex organizational structures, and sophisticated reimbursement policies. Yonyou provides enterprises with an integrated platform for expense control, including budgeting, travel policy, application, reservation and payment etc.



Procurement & Asset Management

Optimize resource allocation & improve the supply chain efficiency

Yonyou Financial Asset Solution manage the whole life cycle of assets It enables dynamic updates of asset status according to the business. Management in the financial institutions can, therefore, have real-time access to asset status.

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Process and collaboration

Efficient process approval · Collaboration without boundaries

Effective teamwork greatly saves operating costs. With complex organizational structures and paper-based approval documents, business operations in financial Institutions are easily delayed. Lacking transparency in the process also slows down the business development. Yonyou provides PC + APP office collaboration solutions, combined with a low-code development platform, to help enterprises handle business processes flexibly and efficiently.

用友-流程與協同管理 - Yonyou - BPM -Workflow

BPM Process Management System

Easy to use, create forms and process designs by yourself, and help enterprises to operate efficiently.


Mobile Office

All-round coverage of office collaboration services. Work efficiently anytime, anywhere.


Support digitalization from the aspects of operation, business and technology

With the intelligent technical platform, enterprises can build, integrate, expand and manage different kinds of business applications, supporting the robust transformation and innovation of the financial services industry.

Operation Platform

– Human Resources
– Finance
– Procurement and Assets
– Collaboration

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Business Applications

– Financial cloud
– Bank-enterprise direct cloud
– Marketing management
– Cross-border finance

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Technology Platform

– Technology middle office
– Data center
– Intelligent middle office
– Development Platform

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