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Promote enterprise informatization and integrate government service platforms

Government and Institution

Yonyou’s government and institution solutions provide the government with a comprehensive, information-based, nationalized, and resource-sharing platform that enables all businesses to interconnect and improve efficiency.

Challenges for the Government

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Lack of Innovation

The pursuit of stability and low acceptance of new technologies, they lack the motivation to innovate.

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Fixed Processes

Being stuck in a fixed approval process slows down the business growth. Also, it is difficult to innovate due to the ageing of technology.

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Independent Application

Applications that are independent. Many departmental applications are built separately, representing a gap between business processes.

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Complex Architecture

Large and complex application architectures are difficult to upgrade and adapt, making innovation difficult.

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Lack of Professionals

It is difficult to hire a right person for long-term data management due to the large volume and complexity of data.

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Public Pressure

Government should be accountable to the public. Facing with large financial systems, it is difficult to account for administrative costs quickly and accurately.

How can Yonyou helps businesses?

Government Financial Cloud

Internal control integration, Departmental budget performance, Financial big data

Internal Control Integration Platform

Yonyou’s Government Financial Cloud enables unified internal management of budgets, income, expenditure, assets, procurement, infrastructure, and contracts. Ultimately, it strengthens administrative and institutional units and standardizes internal controls, which improves internal management and risk prevention capabilities, and strengthens the construction of the integrity risk prevention and control mechanism.

Comprehensive Applications

Have a comprehensive coverage of the internal control at budget, income, expenditure, assets, procurement, infrastructure, contracts, and other business levels to achieve a three-dimensional and all-rounded unified internal control management.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor the operation of funds online can prevent risks in the use of funds in real-time, achieve full business coverage and supervise without dead ends. Also, it can meet the needs of dynamic monitoring and early warning to correct errors.

Business Office Automation

A “web of information” can be formed by integrating variously scattered and irregularly existing information. It will be linked by the relationships of actual logical business.


Management Specification

Implementing the internal control mechanism and management regulations into the system construstion and workflow management achieves the standard and regulation of basic information.

Intelligence Open

New technologies such as big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are fully adopted for management innovation.

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Satisfy all-rounded budget performance for each department and the whole process of management

Yonyou Government Financial Cloud provides all-rounded management and supervision of budget funds, normalizing and standardizing performance management, managing the entire process of special projects, allocating special funds, and monitoring and managing the operation of project funds.

政府及公共機構-政府財務雲-Government and Institution-Government Financial Cloud 2
1Performance management of the subordinate pre-units are connected online
2Third party involves in the departmental performance's management online
3Satisfy all-rounded, whole process (target management, pre-evaluation, mid-evaluation, post-evaluation, application of results) management of departmental performance

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Intelligent data analysis helps the government with decision making

By building a multi-level analysis framework for operational analysis, intelligent monitoring and early warning, and decision support for the data assets accumulated in the system. Financial big data can be transformed into a usable basis to support decision making.

Data Integration

Data asset management and data operation capabilities based on the data center strengthen the flow of data assets across departments and builds government data sharing platforms as well as data open platforms.

Panoramic Analysis

A complete set of indicators and analysis models covering the entire business, with all levels of units and departments penetrated at every level, from budgeting, execution, and accounting to final accounts and performance.

Intelligent Analysis

Based on Yonyou’s Data Middle Office, it creates data asset management, data intelligence analysis, and data visualization. It helps the government to achieve intelligent and digital transformation. 

Control by level of authority

There is a hierarchy of control between the person in charge of the unit, the person in charge of the business, the person in charge of finance and other finance staff.

Data for decision making

Data help to make decisions and avoid risks.

Intelligent and Agile Applications

Have drag-and-drop agile implementation, multi-terminal presentation, multi-level penetration, and automatic alerting.

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Government Human Resource Cloud

Digital Intelligent Human Resource Platform

Provide one-stop service for payroll, talent acquisition, and training

Yonyou’s Government Human Resources Cloud is a one-stop shop for talent lifecycle needs, speeding up the talent recruitment process, and following up on employee training and performance management. With Yonyou’s artificial intelligence technology, the system automatically analyses data. Talent profiles and analysis charts are available at a glance.

Talent Analysis

The system automatically analyses the qualifications and potential of organisations and individuals, and constructs analysis charts, such as the talent nine-box grid, to help develop talent management strategies.

Talent Training

In Microlearning courses, progress is automatically tracked. This is combined with a performance function to enhance the performance of staff.

Talent Performance

Aligning team goals and keeping managing performance. Real-time feedback conversations and support for multiple assessments are conducted to improve talent performance.

Core Workforce

Establish a promotion system to meet the needs of government departments and organizations, managing the lifecycle of staff, arranging for talent succession, and promoting career development.

Attendance and Leave

Record staff attendance and leave information in real-time for greater flexibility and ease of use. With cloud technology, it is easy to arrange remote work and improve the efficiency of disciplinary arrangements.

Pay and Benefits

The system automatically calculates payroll data according to the needs of government departments. The system can be used in conjunction with the cost centre, project code function, departmental and project manpower input to provide a clear overview of the data.

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Solution features

1Flexibility in managing people, cost centres and project code arrangements
2Talent analysis reports and images can predict the talent pipeline
3The system can control the sensitive data such as payroll rank data system
4Mobile application and cloud deployment system support remote working and staff management
5It is easy to use pages, customizable reports, fields, and approval processes that allows users to respond quickly to business needs
Yonyou-Government HCM Cloud2

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Government Asset Cloud

Digital Management of Assets

Implement a new model of digital asset management

Yonyou’s Government Human Resources Cloud is a one-stop shop for talent lifecycle needs, speeding up the talent recruitment process, and following up on employee training and performance management. With Yonyou’s artificial intelligence technology, the system automatically analyses data. Talent profiles and analysis charts are available at a glance.

Yonyou-Government Asset Cloud 2
1Application of new asset management standards
2Application of Internet of Things and GS1 coding technology
3Construct an asset sharing system
4Create a dynamic asset management and performance appraisal system

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Government Procurement Cloud

Government Procurement Intelligent Monitoring Platform

The government procures smart monitoring platform to promote information technology

Yonyou’s Government Procurement Cloud utilizes information technology to create an integrated government procurement management service platform featuring full coverage, full process, full online access, full transparency, resource sharing and interoperability, realising “no transaction offline, full online disclosure”

1Clarify Responsibilities

Simplify administration, decentralise power, strengthen supervision and optimise services

4Three Lines One

Closed-loop management without breaking points.

2Strengthen Capital

Strengthen budget restraints

Yonyou-Government Procurement Cloud 2
5Integrity Focus

Contribute to the development of a credit system for government procurement

3Make Business Simple

Internalise regulation in service


Ensure compliance and policy implementation

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Applications of Information Technology Innovation

Informatization and Nationalization

Development of the Information Technology Innovation and accelerated nationalisation

Yonyou’s Information Technology Innovation provides domestically produced operating systems to enhance autonomous and controllable capabilities, providing the necessary foundation and guarantee for information security protection. By making IT products and technologies secure and controllable, Information Technology Innovation can ensure the smooth development of China’s digital economic transformation.

Autonomous and Controllable

Nationalization can be adapted to government units to achieve autonomy and control effectively.

Secure and Reliable

Building a national database is conducive to reliability and stability in information security

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Information Technology Innovation – Helping companies achieve digital business innovation

Yonyou has entered a new 3.0 stage of development. It actively promotes the development of the Information Technology Innovation through the Yonyou’s BIP business innovation platform. Yonyou is committed to building a comprehensive eco-system for the Information Technology Innovation industry, by providing a strong technical base for enterprise digitization, helping various industries to develop business innovation and promoting the steady development of economy.

Yonyou-Information Technology Innovation-Nationalised Ecology

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