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      New Retail, New Channels, and New Businesses bring new customer experience

      Help Your Retail Store Run Smoothly

      The retail world is evolving at a dizzying pace, and this transformation goes far beyond online shopping. yonyou new retails solution practice the concept of Online to Offline (O2O) and provides a fully integrated platform to the enterprises on group and retail shop level where operational efficiency can be achieved by centralized sales, procurement, financial, human resources management.

      Cross-border Retail Solution



      • Customer Experience: Enhanced shopping experience and omnichannel customer management
      • Smart Retail: Transformation with Big Data, AI, IOT and AR/VR
      • In-store Collaboration: Connect members and salesperson to perform socialised operation
      • Omnichannel Marketing: Efficient supply chain management

      Service Scope





      Core Services

      Omnichannel Marketing

      Integrating the customer, sales, product and cash flow information across different marketing channels so that an efficient operation can be achieved

      Product Management

      Performing real-time transaction management that bring higher transparency throughout the ordering process

      Cross-border Membership Service

      Providing an integrated O2O membership management with personalised sales promotion and after-sales service

      New Retail Service

      Serving a new shopping experiences and scenarios to the customers through digital operations

      CRM Service

      Supporting customer-orientated strategy which aims at gaining potential customer, customer conversion and satisfaction

      Sales Management

      Helping enterprise interface with cross-border e-commerce marketplaces, payment platforms, warehousing and logistics platforms etc.

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