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A holistic digital solution for modern factories

Smart Manufacturing

yonyou smart manufacturing solution helps manufacturing enterprises run the manufacturing operations efficiently, from sales order to work order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfilment and product costing.

Why choose yonyou smart manufacturing solution?

A holistic digital solution for modern factories

yonyou provides an integrated platform that improves visibility into manufacturing processes

Improve the collaboration efficiency between you and your suppliers
Supply Chain
Reduce work flow cycle time and maximize efficiency
Accounting & Finance
Gain visibility into project cost performance

Build a smart factory with IoT & AI

Via sensors and devices that engage cloud technologies, manufacturers can collect data for analysis. The solution can be applied in a variety of scenarios including process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, logistics and other fields, to increase productivity.

Improve visibility into manufacturing processes

yonyou empowers project managers with visibility and control to execute projects, manage change efficiently and improve project profitability.

Production Planning

    • MPS/MRP Planning
    • BOM and routing
    • Kitting analysis
    • Rescheduling proposal
    • Multi-factory scheduling

Progress Management

    • Real-time reporting
    • Real-time comparison between planned and actual progress.
    • Milestone analysis
    • Set up of key deadlines

Site Management

    • Quality control (QC)
    • Onsite variation & VO management
    • Corrective actions suggestion
    • Defect reporting
    • Safety checklist

How yonyou fits your business activities?

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Machinery/ Shipbuilding

Machinery solution focuses on agile manufacturing and precise planning. It supports various modes such as make to order, assemble-by-order and mass customized manufacturing.

Precise Engineering/ Electronics

Electronic solution focuses on the collaboration and management along the operation process from procurement to cost control. It achieves the real-time information sharing among the stakeholders in the supply chain, by eliminating demand fluctuation, reducing cost and enhancing order fulfilment.

Life Science

Life science solution focuses on GMP quality management, in-depth sales & marketing management and precise cost management to help pharmaceutical companies achieve agile internal management and collaborative external supply chain control through aligning upstream suppliers, downstream resellers and end-users.


Chemical solution fulfils the fundamental requirements in the industry including bulk procurement, quality-based price calculation, barcode management, manufacturing data monitor, asset management, quality management and cost management. It aims to enhance company’s ability to adjust itself to the fast changing market and to maintain the high safety-level manufacturing.

Food Processing

Food processing solution covers management of food safety, supply chain, manufacturing cost, distribution, budgeting and collaboration. It is suitable for managing the food processing industry such as flexible planning, precise cost control, enabling the enterprises to grow stronger and bigger.

VideoSmart factory

Cross-border manufacturing

The model of “front shop, back factory” is a unique economic cooperation in the Greater Bay Area. yonyou helps you synchronize the sales and logistic plan across “front shop” and “back factory” .

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