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      Comprehensive Support

      In addition to state-of-the-art software and solutions, we also provide comprehensive professional software-related services, such as business consulting, implementation, training, maintenance and support for customers worldwide.


      Combining the expertise of over 3,000 industrial experts and our cutting-edge technology solutions, we offer all-round information technology management and industry-specific consultancy service to customers, who can be rest assured that their business needs will be fulfilled with the best advices and solutions.

      Yonyou IT planning and management consulting division provides customers a variety of products, best advices and solution. Over the years, with our accumulated experience, we form a set of well-established methodology.

      We refine customers’ operation and management through five classes of advices:


      Our comprehensive system implementation program covers five strategic steps to ensure the smoothest operation of all applications.

      Yonyou Implementation Methodology

      The Yonyou Implementation Approach is a 5-phase methodology designed to ensure that our implementations are not only functionally successful, but also, financially successful and that the implemented systems are well received by the user community. Yonyou implementation methodology will ensure a smooth implementation process.

      Corporate Training

      We have an effective and comprehensive product training program designed to equip end users with related knowledge. We enhance corporate staff’s ability and quality to meet corporate requirement. Our corporate training is systematic and target oriented. According to our experience on enterprise personnel, we create a job competency model. With better understanding of the entire system, users can implement the system successfully.

      Maintenance and Support

      Our all-round maintenance and support services are provided by our skillful and experienced product management team and Research & Development departments. By safeguarding the integrity of the applications, including upgrades and new releases, they help minimize risks, optimize performance and reduce cost of ownership for the customers.

      Please download support tool here:https://downloadus1.teamviewer.com/download/version_10x/TeamViewerQS.exe

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      Yonyou Network Co., Ltd. (in Chinese, “用友”) was founded in 1988 and is now recognised as a leading enterprise management software, solutions and cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region.

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