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Supply chain system is the process

Supply chain management is the process and set of activities where the raw material or other components are purchased from the suppliers to produce a product or a service, which is then delivered to the final customer. It covers various components, such as the inventory system, procurement system, and more.

supply chain inventory system software

The goal of supply chain inventory system software is to improve the efficiency and performance of a supply chain. The well-timed and accurate supply chain information can help businesses to produce and deliver the number of products that can be sold to the customers. It helps in reducing the wastage of available resources and reduce overall costs.

Improved efficiency rate - supply chain system

When you incorporate the supply chain inventory system in your business, it provides you with an opportunity to estimate the possible demand for your product or service and plan accordingly. Your business’s efficiency rate will certainly go up and there will be less wastage of resources including manpower. You would be better prepared for any change in local or global market conditions, change in customers’ taste or requirements, emergency market situations, varying product life cycles, and more.

Decreased costs - supply chain system

One of the key advantages of implementing tools such as the inventory system and procurement system in supply chain management is that it brings down the cost in different parts of the supply chain. Using supply chain management, businesses can make optimum utilization of available storage space, reduce the number of damaged goods, meet actual clients’ requirements, have better coordination with suppliers and distributors, and so on. All this put together helps in eliminating unnecessary expenditures and make the process more cost-effective. 

Increased profitability - supply chain system

A well-designed and integrated supply chain inventory system can increase your business profit rate. With the innovative tools provided by a supply chain management software, a business has the chance to introduce new technologies in their operations and have a better collaboration within different departments that will surely up the profit margins significantly in the long run.

Fewer delays - supply chain system

Whether it is the delay in the production process or delivery process, it is always a matter of concern for many businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses. One of the advantages of supply chain management is that you can bring down the delays in any of the processes and improve the efficiency of your supply chain as a whole.

supply chain inventory system

There are many more benefits of having a well-designed supply chain inventory system that can help your business grow.

Yonyou Services - supply chain system

The supply chain inventory system offered by Yonyou has been designed to improve the accuracy of estimating, advance inventory management, make timely delivery of goods and services, increase production efficiency, reduce various costs, and more.


Inventory Management - inventory system

Get alerts on inventory shortage, keeping track of inventory movements, better decision making, optimizing inventory structure, and more.

supply chain system - Sales Management

Get price quotations, cost of sales, sales order, track order status, shipment details, managing invoicing, generate sales statistics and analysis, and more.

Contract Management - inventory system

Manage all kinds of contracts, change in contracts, settlement process, reconciliation, and more.

Purchase Management - inventory system

Manage price inquiry, arrival or orders, identify reorder points, invoicing, purchase settlement, etc. Yonyou helps in managing various kinds of purchases in multiple business types. 

Barcode Management-supply chain system

Helps in distinguishing barcodes, supports fixed and non-fixed length barcodes, allows manual maintenance of barcode files, scans documents and inventory barcodes, etc.

Inventory Accounting supply chain system

Supports different costing methods, offers 3 accounting methods by department, warehouse, and inventory, estimation of receipt cost, building depreciation provision for inventory, and more.

Remote Application Solution-inventory system

Access from any remote location using Internet Explorer, print using a local printer, automatic reconnection in case of network failure, centralized management, data security on the network, and so on.

Internal Transaction - inventory system

Manage transactions such as cross-organization transfer, purchase, sales, consumption summary, and more.

Connecting products, people & data

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

To keep up with global competition, enterprises should maintain a good supply chain visibility. yonyou SCM solution provides you with timely sell-through data across the supply chain to outpace change.


Why choose yonyou SCM?

Designed for diverse industries

yonyou SCM solution supports enterprises to strengthen internal and external management, and build an efficient supply chain system in all directions.


Improve the collaboration efficiency between you and your suppliers


Maximize order fulfilment capability and minimize logistics costs


Boost your sales and reach new customers with the new retail (O2O) strategy

Achieve smart & efficient management

yonyou SCM solution supports enterprises to strengthen internal and external management, and build an efficient supply chain system in all directions.

With yonyou SCM, you can

  • Reduce process cycle time
  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Increase demand forecast accuracy

How yonyou SCM fits your business process?



  • Request for proposal (RFP)
  • Price inquiry
  • Supplier management


  • Purchase requisition
  • Purchase order
  • Procurement process
  • Purchase Settlement


  • Quotation
  • Sales order
  • Invoicing
  • Shipment
  • Internal settlement
  • Sales Statistics & Analysis


  • Serial number
  • Lot number
  • Barcode
  • RFID
  • Stock take

Work faster with automation

yonyou RPA solution supports intelligent image recognition (OCR) of various documents and invoices, including delivery note, contract, email and PO & SO etc.

Best Practice for “Front Shop, Back Factory”

The model of “front shop, back factory” is a unique economic cooperation in the Greater Bay Area. yonou helps you synchronize the sales and logistic plan across “front shop” and “back factory” .


Customer stories

How our clients use SCM to enhance ROI

“The team at yonyou showed professionalism in their technical advice and provided us with great aftercare services!”

John Loh

General Manager, EPSON

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