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We offer accounting software financial system services such as accounting treasury management and budgeting. We leverage big data and cloud computing to thrive.

which can be avoided using accounting software

Finance is a major component of any business. It focuses on the processing of financial transactions, financial planning and analysis, and control. The most standard and daily tasks of finance take a lot of time, which can be avoided using accounting software. Yonyou’s cloud-based financial system focuses on advanced technologies, for instance, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. to improve working efficiency, decrease costs, develop risk control, and create value-added results. Here are some benefits of accounting software financial system services that you can use to uplift the overall performance and efficiency of your business. 

Helps in collaborating, streamlining, and automating financial processes

More and more businesses are using financial system software to improve the efficiency of their business. Using these software, mergers and acquisitions, business diversifications, etc. have become a lot easier. The accounting software is making it stress-free to synchronize, implement, and monitor the complex financial processes. They are also helping with meeting government guidelines that direct financial procedures.

accounting software-based financial system

By collaborating, streamlining, and automating the most critical financial tasks and events, the accounting software-based financial system has increased the accuracy of reports and analysis.


Increase in accuracy of financial system information

It can be difficult to gather financial information from various databases dispersed through different departments of a company. Thus, it cannot be guaranteed that they can attain an accurate overall financial status of the company. Using financial management software solutions, companies can store all the information in one place and make it accessible to several users across different departments, branches, and offices. It helps in increasing the accuracy of the information and results thereafter.  

Better planning and financial system 

Major financial events can take place every year in many companies. It can be due to market conditions, government budget or policies, and more. So it becomes all the more important for businesses to be prepared for any eventuality and have better strategic preparation. Financial management accounting software can help in creating a strong foundation for building fruitful business strategies and allow accurate financial analysis. Businesses can use these strategies and analysis to prepare for possible future events and other industry scenarios. 

Why Yonyou for accounting software financial system services?

Yonyou offers a cohesive, automated, real-time, and smart financial management platform for all types of business models. Yonyou's financial management system offers services in the field of accounting, financial services, and treasury management. It provides a comprehensive solution to meet the complex requirements of financial management, building financial value, improving productivity, reducing expenditures, and managing risks. 

Real-time Accounting Software

It offers centralized financial control and management along with advanced accounting systems, integration of finance and business, fast and accurate real-time financial data, better decision making, performance appraisal, integration of global and local financial operations, and more. 

Expense Management financial system

It helps with the process of expense management. You can plan, apply, and monitor your expenses. Yonyou helps businesses with cost control and improve their capital efficiency.

Treasury Management financial system

Yonyou offers treasury management services to manage risk, speed up capital turnover rate, increase working capital management efficiency, and help with business strategies. It supports payment scheduling, employee reimbursement and commission, automated bank reconciliations, shared bank accounts, flexible and efficient settlement, loan management, and more. 

Yonyou financial management system

Yonyou financial management system software also offers services such as automated budgeting and planning, better cost management, centralized profit center, global financial management, and more. Furthermore, Yonyou supports multiple accounting standards, for instance, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Gain profitability insights with intelligent accounting

Financial Management

yonyou provides a total solution to meet complex requirement of corporate financial management, create value, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and control risks, thereby effectively promote corporate financial transformation.


How yonyou fits your business process?


Financial accounting

  • Accounts payable (AP)
  • Accounts receivable (AR)
  • Fixed assets
  • General ledger
  • Inventory accounting
  • Electronic accounting files


  • Financial statement
  • Financial consolidation
  • Cost & profitability analysis

Managerial accounting

  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Cost management
  • Travel & expense
  • Profit center


  • Cash & liquidity
  • Loan management
  • Debt & Investment
  • Working capital
  • Fund planning

Why choose yonyou financial management?

Save you from repetitive tasks

Free up time for you and your team to act proactively and focus on the strategic work with yonyou Finance & Accounting Automation solution (RPA).

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in finance

Speed up your F&A operations with an intelligent automation solution

AI-driven digital transformation

Read the IDC report to explore the role of AI in digital transformation

Strengthen your control with the financial shared service center

The accounting functions and reportings of all the subsidiaries are performed in the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC), which reinforce the group financial control.

Comply with HK & China regulations

yonyou enables seamless data exchange and communications across functional divisions and business units without regional boundaries.

Unified business & finance

yonyou provides a unified platform integrating with business flows to provide an automated financial management service.



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