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yonyou ERP – Financial Management Solution


Interconnected & Real-time Finance

By harnessing cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, with “real-time accounting + smart finance + global treasurer” as the core value, yonyou financial management system provides services on the field in accounting, treasury management, financial services. It provides a total solution to meet the more complex requirement of enterprise financial management.

Smart Billing Service

yonyou Financial System provides an end-to-end one-stop accounting service, integrating application, approval, transaction, reimbursement, payment, and reporting

Smart Financial Service

Integrating business, and multi-purpose automatic accounting, yonyou Financial Management System provides real-time data analysis

Accounting Document Management

yonyou Financial Management System provides electronic replenishment, storage, inspection and other services to achieve paperless, standardized and centralized management.

Internationalized Application

yonyou Financial Management System complies with the local regulatory requirements, support local accounting standards; support multi-language, multi-currency, multiple exchange rates, multiple accounting periods & multiple time zones

Smart Image Capture Service

yonyou Financial Managmenet System provides image capture, image processing, image storage, image review and other services

yonyou Financial Management System

Integrate global and local finance/ accounting to achieve centralized financial control

Yonyou offers multi-mode financial control solutions. Vertically it achieves business interaction and information exchange between group headquarters and subsidiary enterprises. Transversely, it achieves business collaboration between different business sectors and industry chains, promoting the development of the whole group.

  • Accounting system, offering AR, AP and GL functions
  • Integration of finance and business realizes real-time finance control and business collaboration
  • Documents and vouchers synergism, making it easy for internal reconciliation
  • Fast, accurate, and real-time financial accounting reports, supporting a better decision making process and employees’ performance appraisal
  • Integrate global and local financial operation, complete settlement and reports under multi-policy, and separate internal reports from external

Build up a comprehensive process of expense budgeting, expense planning, expense application as well as expense reimbursement

yonyou makes use of the advantage of the reimbursement platform, focusing on total cost control and economical principle. Having access to the real-time budget status, employees can arrange business activities efficiently and effectively, to improve the capital efficiency.

  • Complete reimbursement process
  • Shared Financial Service Center
  • Cross-organizational reimbursement
  • Prepaid expenses processing
  • Cost inquiry and analysis

Comprehensive Real-Time Cost Management

Understand the profitability of products, projects and operations to determine and forecast the production capacity and the demand for resources

Yonyou supports the cost management of product, operation and project in real time, full range, the whole life-cycle process. It seeks to provide enterprises with strategies and operational decisions in the state of best cost management, so as to drive the corporate profit growth.

  • Standard cost calculation
  • Cost sharing
  • Multi-organization cost calculation
  • Outsourcing cost calculation

Multi-Mode Profit Center

Provide a centralized profit center with a unified while flexible grouping methods 

Taking profit center as the main body of accounting, basing on the unified mechanism of responsibility, right and benefit, Yonyou provides an information system that carry out the internal accounting of the profit center according to the elements of management accounting. It integrates the accounting system and business system closely so as to achieve a comprehensive, efficient and accurate management for group enterprises.

  • Internal accounting system for the profit center of group enterprises
  • Definition, collection and application of business volume
  • Processing of internal settlement of enterprise
  • Cost sharing between responsibility centers

Inclusive Budgeting and Planning System

Build up a real-time monitoring system throughout the whole budgeting and executing process

yonyou is committed to build up a holistic budgeting and planning system, which integrates strategical objectives, annual budgeting as well as monthly business operations. It supports multi-level and multi-mode budgeting applications, satisfying the need of budget consolidation, a holistic and process-based budgeting evaluation mechanism.

  • Automatic calculation, summary and decomposition
  • Budgeting status enquiry for all the budgeting units
  • Improved budgeting data accuracy by prediction and simulation using historical data, management approval data, and collaborating BU budget data
  • Budgeting, monitoring, analysis and adjustment integration
  • Close integration with BPM, ensuring that strategy is the core of budget management

Holistic fund management platform

Integrate multi-level and multi-mode fund management mechanism to build up a holistic fund management platform

Facing Multi-level diversified group enterprises, multi-level capital organizations, and diversified fund management modes, It maintains an advanced asset-liability structure. It makes use of advanced IT technology and cutting-edge enterprise financial management mechanism. It provides comprehensive, real-time and effective fund management data, to control fund risk, accelerate capital turnover rate, improve the fund use efficiency and serve as basis for enterprise strategies.

  • Payment scheduling
  • Whole process support for the payment of the employee reimbursement using commission payment
  • Automated bank reconciliations
  • Flexible and efficient settlement for multi-level business centers
  • Support for setting proxy settlement accounts
  • Whole process support of shared bank accounts across multiple business units within the enterprise
  • Flexible funds plan
  • Centralized management of bills
  • Internal loan management

International Application

Support enterprise accounting globalization and localization at the same time

Yonyou supports for the international application of basic technical class library, such as time format and log framework. It offers multilingual interface, metadata and as well as business data. It allows multiple roles and levels of personalized configuration, fulfilling the need of international while customized accounting management.

  • Multiple languages and data formats
  • Multiple time zones
  • Multi-currency
  • Multiple accounting standards and policies
  • Multiple roles and levels of personalized configuration

yonyou Cross-border Financial Management Platform

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