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Enter the Era of Intelligent Financial Management

Financial Management

In the era of digitalization, Yonyou’s cloud financial system and accounting software are based on the BIP (Business Innovation Platform) architecture. Harnessing emerging technologies such as 5G, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the accounting software provides enterprises with services of financial accounting system, financial shared center, managerial accounting, treasury management, travel & expense management, Hong Kong-China cross-border taxation, and enterprise performance. With the goal of “real-time accounting, intelligent finance”, Yonyou provides a comprehensive system to accelerate financial digitalization in Hong Kong and meet the increasingly complex requirement of international regulations.

Real-time accounting · Intelligent finance

Work smarter with Yonyou Hong Kong’s accounting & financial management system

Real-time accounting

With a real-time event-driven accounting system, Yonyou helps centralize and streamline the management of business events, finance, tax, and capital in Hong Kong.

Intelligent finance

Leveraged smart and advanced technology, Yonyou improves financial analysis and reporting to help enterprises make more efficient and automated decisions.


What are the functions of Yonyou Financial System?

How does the Yonyou Cloud Accounting Software fit into your business process?

Cloud financial & accounting system · Create value for your business


Financial accounting

A system designed adhering to the goals of providing lightweight, role-based, scenario-based, socialized, and intelligent accounting services, Yonyou Hong Kong’s cloud financial accounting software is committed to being integrated seamlessly with other business systems to provide hybrid cloud solutions for enterprises in Hong Kong.
  • General ledger
  • Account receivable
  • Account payable
  • Fixed assets
  • Inventory accounting
  • Cash management
  • Financial reporting and analysis

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Management accounting

Yonyou Hong Kong’s management accounting system supports functions including corporate strategic planning, financial budget management, cost management, management accounting, enterprise performance management, cost-benefit analysis, etc., to effectively align finance operations with corporate strategies for enterprises in Hong Kong.

  • Cost Centre
  • Product cost management
  • Project cost management
  • Responsibility accounting system
  • Internal settlement
  • Profit analysis

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Moves your business forward

Enterprise performance

Yonyou’s enterprise performance management solution includes comprehensive financial budget management, financial consolidation and management consolidation of group enterprises. It establishes a multi-dimensional enterprise performance model based on budget and other financial data.

  • Financial settlement
  • Group consolidated financial statements
  • Group financial statements
  • Financial performance analysis

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Treasury Management

Based on the concept of closed-loop cash management, Yonyou’s treasury management solution includes functions of corporate liquidity, capital operation, risk management, investment and financing. Incorporating financial services into business operations, the bank-enterprise direct cloud service connects enterprises with financial institutions.

  • Cash management
  • Bank-enterprise direct cloud connection
  • Cross-border cash pooling
  • Cash Settlement Centre
  • Investment management
  • Financing management
  • Financial risk management

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Travel and Expense Management

Automate the entire travel and expense process of business travel management online in one place, from budgeting, trip planning and application to reservation, reimbursement and payment etc.

  • Expense management
  • Travel standards
  • Travel application approval
  • Business travel booking
  • Reimbursement and payment
  • Employee credit

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Electronic accounting document

With the system, we digitalize all your accounting records onto the cloud-based system in Hong Kong, from creating bibliographic collections to filing documents, including invoices, vouchers and so on.
  • OCR scanning
  • Bibliographic collection
  • Archive query
  • Digital accounting file sharing
  • Digital accounting file handover
  • Digital accounting file identification

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Why choose Yonyou financial management and cloud accounting software?

Save time from repetitive tasks with automation

Yonyou’s Finance & Accounting Automation solution (RPA) is a cloud accounting software that handles repetitive tasks for your team. Free up time for strategic work that truly matters or make time for challenges that require proactive handling.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in finance
Speed up and streamline your F&A operations with an intelligent accounting automation software from Hong Kong. Improve the efficiency of enterprise financial management with a robotic, intelligent automation solution.
AI-driven digital transformation
Read the IDC report to explore the role of AI in digital transformation

Strengthen your control with the financial shared service center

Yonyou’s cloud accounting software supports multi-mode financial management, establishing a unified data platform of a multi-layer group management system. Handle group consolidated statements and multi-account book consolidation queries at ease. Through a professional division of labor and information tools, fundamental financial work such as financial statements, reconciliation, asset management, and expense reimbursement can be incorporated into the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC), which reinforces the group’s financial control and promote standardization.

Extract business values and insights from in-depth data analytics

Harnessing the technology of AI, big data, 5G and other emerging tech trends, Yonyou’s financial management system integrates data from multiple sources to provide real-time and visualized financial reports. The system supports effective operational decision-making and provides real-time feedback to the business system for further adjustment and to maximize internal control.


Compliant with China tax regulations · Cross-border Enterprise financial digitalization

Yonyou’s intelligent financial and taxation management system provides Hong Kong-China cross-border enterprises with comprehensive and one-stop services, including China VAT invoice management, tax management, tax accounting and declaration, tax-related risk management, tax analysis and planning.

Comply with HK & China regulations

Enjoy seamless Hong Kong-China cross-border data exchange and communication across different business units and divisions with a state-of-the-art account system. Yonyou hosts a cloud accounting software and financial management system for you to better manage your business without regional boundaries.

Unified business & finance

Yonyou provides a unified financial management platform, covering the entire business process, including manufacturing, procurement, supply and sales and accounting. Communicate real-time with our cloud-based software and financial platform.


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