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Empower Multinational Enterprises on Global Treasury Management

Global Treasury Management

yonyou Global Treasury Management System (TMS Cloud) focuses on serving cross-border liquidity management and demonstrates a strong multi-bank connectivity, empowering overseas enterprises to manage treasury inside and outside China. yonyou TMS-API provides a global treasury center for enterprises to manage all bank accounts in the mainland China. Through TMS Cloud, multinational enterprises can obtain safe and reliable payment channels, optimize payment process, significantly reduce costs of building IT system, and reconciliate global accounts and transactions in real time. TMS Cloud boosts the overseas business expansion for multinational enterprises and makes global treasury management smart.

Difficulties in treasury management of multinational corporations


When enterprises set up branches/subsidiaries overseas, and open bank accounts in different countries/regions, there will be a series of treasury management challenges.

Pain points of treasury management in MNC

  • Insufficient treasury control of subordinates by the group
  • Struggle to manage cross-border multi-bank accounts
  • Difficult to handle multi-currency settlement accounts
  • Low capital utilization rate
  • Low efficiency in daily payments and collections
  • High treasury operation and labor costs

How does yonyou TMS cloud fit your business?

Bank-corporate Direct Connection  ·  Real time fund management

yonyou TMS Cloud helps Chinese enterprises to set up a global treasury center in Hong Kong to centralise the capital management in overseas branches/ subsidiaries. The platform coordinates all the treasury activities, including intra-group loans, cash and liquidity management, payment for sellers or suppliers, capital raising, and risk management.

End-to-end visibility over global cash flows

Increase visibility of global cash flows, monitor account balances, automatically collect and transfer funds, strengthen internal control and risk prevention, and ensure the fund safety.

Centralized operation platform

Direct connection to multiple banks, centralized management of accounts and operation interfaces, efficiency increase and cost reduction by automatic and batch processing.

Two-way cross-border cash pooling

The cash pool centralizes capital management, improves liquidity, reduces costs while minimizing risk exposure, and allows resource sharing between the group and subsidiaries.


One-click access to 1000+ domestic and overseas banks – Maximize capital efficiency

yonyou tailors treasury centers for multinational groups to improve capital operation efficiency and maximize capital gains.

Establish viable liquidity channels

Open up liquidity channels with financial institutions, maximize the overall capital efficiency, and form a scale effect

Strengthen business liquidity

Establish cash pools, aggregate account balances of various financial centers and branches, and better utilize idle funds to create value


Yonyou Bank-enterprise Direct Cloud Service

yonyou cooperates with multiple banks to build an overseas treasury management platform, an overseas financing platform, a foreign exchange risk management platform and an overseas financial service service platform. The solution provides global account visibility, cross-border and cross-bank capital collection and transfer, and other comprehensive services. It reduces costs, increases efficiency, centralizes the intragroup cash flows management, thereby maximizing the capital gains.


What yonyou FMS brings you


Get the in-depth financial insights

yonyou provides a unified platform that integrated with business flows to provide an automated financial management service.

Financial management
Support budget & liquidity management. Integrated with the trading system
Accounting Automation
Take over the routine tasks by building algorithms and reducing manual work

Strengthen the control capability with FSSC

The accounting functions and reporting of all the subsidiaries are performed by the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC), reinforcing the group financial control.

Get a better grasp of business with analytics

yonyou cloud platform offers a one-stop service in data handling, which records, stores and analyzes data to better estimate the risks and understand customer behaviours.


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