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Business Process Management (BPM) System

To fulfil the evolving needs of digital businesses, enterprises are using their BPM system to define, orchestrate and monitor business processes across microservices. Yonyou BPM system is developed to simplify the approval workflows, utilizing low-code development platform, mobile application, the ability to integrate with ERP, etc., which helps enterprises achieve a smooth flow of work.


Why do enterprises need BPM system?


Business information is scattered among different sales representatives, supervisors and administration departments. For those enterprises whose business processes are heavily segmented, the traditional operation will not only slow down the employee’s performance but also increase the management cost.

The Business process management (BPM) system is a digital tool that focuses on optimizing business processes. With automated processes, business information can be reached to process owners for progress tracking and management, breaking down information silos.

Easy to use low-code development platform

Approval workflows start by building e-forms. With the help of component-based and visualization features of the low-code development technologies, users can create entry forms, process models and reports with simple drag and drop actions.


Form Design & Customization


Workflow Orchestration & Automation


Reports & Statistics

Scenario 1

Sales order management

E-signature is available for approval workflows. After sales representatives submit sales orders to the system, the order information will be automatically pushed to associated personnel based on the pre-set rules of contract amount, sales category, etc. for approval, accelerating business collaboration.

Scenario 2

Purchase requisitions:

Production materials、Office supplies


The purchasing department has to respond quickly to the material requirements used for production. By submitting the custom e-form including the information of purchase requisition, supplier’s quotations, delivery date, etc., the approval process can be finished online by the purchasing manager. It guarantees that the applications comply with corporate policies and standards, promoting the enterprise’s safety and security measures.

Scenario 3

Reimbursement claims


The financial manager draws up the budget of expenditure for each department and project. Once the reimbursement claims submitted by the employees are approved, the amount of the claim will be extracted from the budget, ensuring real-time information sharing. In addition, invoices can be converted to text and then fill in the e-forms automatically by the OCR service in the mobile App.


Scenario 4

Leave applications

Employees submit the e-leave application in the mobile App. Department heads and the HR department are then notified immediately. The accelerated leaves and salaries are automatically calculated so that the burden to manage paperwork is released. It also enhances the employee experience since the approval process and application history are visible to the employees in real-time.

Scenario 5

Project management

Construction & Engineering, hotels, tertiary services


Project management applies to different industries, including construction, engineering, hotels and tertiary services, etc. Yonyou BPM system provides a comprehensive view of project initiation, including contract information, task progress, asset status, etc. Workers can manage the project progress, update the project status and then notify the manager for approval. Statistic information like project status and risks can also present with graphics in real-time, giving a holistic view to the project owner.


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Integrating business processes with ERP

The results of each approval process directly affect the enterprise’s decision-making. Without an information system, approval results have to be inputted into the ERP system manually. There are a lot of repetitive tasks. Yonyou provides an ERP integration platform, which allows enterprises to synchronize the approval and business information, reducing manual works and avoiding human errors.


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Manage approval requests in both the mobile and PC

In response to the flexible working approaches of enterprises, like working from home or frequent overseas business trips, Yonyou BPM system supports the management of approval workflows on both mobile and PC. Once the devices are connected to the internet, you can stay productive anytime, anywhere, being responsive in decision-making.

Mobile office solution
  • Mobile attendance
  • Task assignment and report
  • Online document sharing
  • Instant messaging

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