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Julius baer holding group co., LTD. is a diversified industrial development of group enterprises, the company has construction group, hotel, real estate center, building operations, mining investment, and other pillar industries, as well as network science and technology, wine trade, intelligent building, decoration, and other industries. Zhejiang Baoseng Construction Group Co., LTD. is a national housing construction general contracting first-class qualification, under the 13 general branch and five professional branch. Since its inception, it has been rated as the national top 500 private enterprises.


Baosheng Construction has always used WeChat and other tools to transmit project information. However, due to the unpredicatable onsite events, tools such as WeChat cannot support data management, analysis and monitoring, and computer-based management systems are not easy to implement data in accordance with the site management system. There is an urgent need for a mobile application system on the project site to realize the standardization of project site management, the mobile data collection and standardized management of production.


As the construction projects are widely distributed in the whole country and Southeast Asia, and the construction site has few information facilities, and requires real-time management, the system needs to be able to respond quickly and operate conveniently, so the public cloud architecture is adopted to provide the following application functions :

  • Mobile APP
  • On-site quality and safety inspection, rectification, response and analysis of the whole process management
  • Construction daily and weekly report, project morning meeting
  • Completion & acceptance
  • On-site training
  • Photo upload for on-site material
  • Warning reminder

The IOP cloud platform of yonyou brings the following value to Baosheng Construction:

  • Standardization of on-site management, timeliness of data reporting
  • Instant tracking of inspection and acceptance
  • Data summary and archive, query at any time, never invalid

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