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Digitalised Construction Operation Platform

As the main contractor of construction and RMAA projects, CR Construction has over 50 years of experience in the industry.

As a main contractor, CR Construction is responsible for (i) overall management of the projects; (ii) formulating work programmes; (iii) engaging subcontractors and supervising their works; (iv) sourcing construction materials; (v) communication and coordination with our customers and their consultant teams; and (vi) safeguarding compliance with safety, environmental and other contractual requirements. It is also act as a main contractor in building construction works and RMAA works projects across public and private sectors in Hong Kong.

With the cooperation of yonyou, CR Construction has realised a comprehensive digitalisation, including project management, financial management, HR management, approval process, etc., which greatly improves the operational efficiency.

1. Project Management

The scope of project management is very wide. If they only manage projects with Excel, they are lacking a shared platform for collaboration, and the communication will be time-consuming and ineffective. Now the entire project lifecycle can be managed on yonyou platform, including initiation, tendering, planning and implementation, and completion and acceptance, to improve real-time data retrieval, avoid data duplication, and save time. At te same time, performing approval through the platform and mobile App eliminated the time-consuming issue of file ransfer, speeds up business processes, and avoids delays.

2. Financial Management

Before the introduction of yonyou digital platform, the company’s internal business and financial data were separated. Payment documents were processed by multiple departments before reaching the finance department, which makes it impossible to reflect the company’s cash flow in real-time and achieve an accurate budgeting. Now, by integrating the finance and business, data such as project revenue and expenditure and personnel costs can be passed to the finance department in real time. The source of each payment is clearly displayed with just a few clicks.

3. Human Capital Management


Construction project requires personnel transfer according to the progress, so a flexible and real-time staff deployment is particularly important. On the yonyou digital platform, the organizational structure of different time period can be review at ease, helping the human capital department to grasp the personnel allocation.

Before the introduction of yonyou mobile app, employees need to fill in the paper application for leave. If a site colleague asks for leave, it usually takes a few days before the information is transferred to the office. Currently, this mechanism has been digitalised. Every employee can submit the leave application on the mobile app, department head and the HR department are then notified immediately. The accumulated leaves and salaries are also automatically calculated.



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