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Landy Industry:Cloud-based Global Operation Management

Realize cross-border management with the help of a new generation of cloud native technology


Landy Industry is a group enterprise integrating design, production, processing, warehousing, sales and transportation. For more than ten years, the company has produced more than 300 types of shoes. Landy Footwear now has more than 80 production lines at home and abroad, with a daily output of more than 200,000 pairs. The products are sold to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo, Cameroon and other East, Central and West Africa. Unlike other international companies, it took them ten years to move from overseas to domestic. Since 2018, with the opportunity of “One Belt One Road”, Landi Footwear has ushered in new development.


In the complex and ever-changing business environment in Africa, Landy’s footwear industry faces three major pain points:

  • In terms of management: Landy has set up factories in China and African countries. Due to the differences in culture, system, language, and business environment in various regions in Africa, the company cannot manage and plan in a unified way from the group level.
  • In terms of managers of overseas business: While the company’s management is mainly guided by the Chinese team, the grassroots employees are mostly local Africans. However, based on the influence of various factors such as cultural education and management concepts, daily management and localized counselling work become challenging.
  • In terms of informatization: the level and capabilities of informatization in Africa and China are very different, so companies do not have the capability to build localized IT systems, and the above group managerial and operational problems cannot be improved with the help of information systems. For these reasons, Landi Footwear Lishui has clearly defined the goal of “moving to the cloud” so as to acheive quick launch and rapid optimization through cloud services.


With YonSuite, the new generation of cloud-native enterprise service, Landy does not need to build its own IT hardware foundation at all. YonSuite supports global development of enterprises with multiple accounting standards, multi-currency accounting, multiple language centers and cross-time zone applications.

The initial phase of the project covers domestic factories, involving modules such as general ledger, account payables, fixed assets, inventory accounting, financial statements, procurement and sales inventory. At the same time, combined with the current management demands of Landy Footwear in different places in Africa, a global organization structure is built to realize the collaborative process of domestic and foreign business.

YonSuite’s intelligent accounting has been well performed in Landy. For each transaction of business receipts and payments, inventory changes, production material control, and cash turnover, the system will automatically generate financial accounting vouchers, which greatly reduces the manual workload of financial accounting. After comparing and designing with the accounting vouchers, all are handed over to the system for processing, thus releasing the burden of the financial staff from the basic work of accounting, reconciliation, and inventory, so that they can concentrate on more high-value tasks.

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