WAISIN: Achieve Industry 4.0 With Exclusive Cloud Platform

Improving the operational efficiency by 30%


Walsin Lihwa Corp. is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, focusing on manufacturing and marketing electric wires and cables for 50 years. It is a world-class material manufacturing and service provider. In order to transform digitization and achieve the goal of Industry 4.0, Walsin Lihwa is based on yonyou Cloud Platform.


Walsin Lihwa Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966. It is a leading manufacturer of wire, cable and special steel industries in Greater China. At the same time, it has successfully stepped into green energy photovoltaics, commercial real estate and high-tech investment international enterprises. Since the beginning of the 1990s, it has been actively developing its business layout with mainland China as its growth center. So far, it has established more than 20 production and sales locations worldwide. Since 1980, it has invested in semiconductors, electronic components, printed circuit boards, optoelectronics, and financial investment. Companies including Winbond Electronics, Walsin Technology, HannStar Bode, HannStar Display, etc. have been established to develop semiconductors. The experience and achievements of the advanced materials industry serve as the basis for Walsin Lihua’s deployment in emerging technology fields.

The company’ MES was developed by Delphi in the early stage. Yet, the old technology cannot support the long-term development of the company. Since it is expected that the future MES system can be built on a cloud-native architecture platform and can be autonomously controllable, the yonyou cloud platform iUAP is chosen. The goal is to meet the future MES management of the entire technology metallurgy and cable business through joint development.


The Walsin Lihwa project is completely customized and developed based on the iUAP cloud platform. yonyou’s iUAP cloud platform has the ability to build traditional applications and internet applications, including Data (DaaS), Business Process (bPaaS), technical support, hybrid cloud services and ecological services, which help companies easily realize internal and external data integration, O2O interconnection, and help companies build an industrial ecosystem based on the Internet.

iUAP supports international and industry standards. At the same time, it provides global development, and a personalized configuration framework to meet the globalization and multi-role level characteristics of multinational and group companies.

Walsin Lihwa has experience in using SAP, as well as its own development team. The level of informatization and management are quite high, and the technical requirements and goals are clear. The flexibility and autonomy of the UFIDA platform, the maturity and reliability of the product, the macroscopic future development and the professional assistance of the team have contributed to the successful cases where customers and UFIDA jointly develop and promote transformation with the goal of leading the industry.


Walsin Lihwa introduced the yonyou cloud platform and reconstructed MES applications to achieve 40% of the reusability of manufacturing and operation research modules (cables, steelmaking, steel rolling, seamless steel pipes); and through DevOps and containerization technology solutions to improve o peration and maintenance efficiency by 30%. Through in-depth cooperation at the level of product solutions to strengthen the ecological integration of the two parties, jointly promote the digital transformation of industrial enterprises, and enhance the level of industry 4.0 construction in the industry.

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