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Yonyou’s banking robots, ‘YinZhangTong’, enhance finance management from value guarding to value creation


The demand for enterprise financial intelligence is increasing day by day.

The financial field of large enterprises has long been filled with a lot of repetitive and boring work, with personnel spending a lot of time checking data. If mistakes are made, it will not only increase the workload, but also cause financial risks and losses to the enterprise.



  • Pain point 1: To check and download the details of the receipts, you need to log in multiple e-banking systems and frequently switch among different webpages.
  • Pain point 2: Have to record transactions, check large amount of bills and receipts manually but still possibly make mistakes, which is extremely inefficient and data cannot be traced.
  • Pain point 3: All operations are offline manually, information cannot be aggregated in time, and leaders cannot get the whole picture of funds of the company immediately.
  • Pain point 4: Too many paper documents, costly to bind and difficult to find afterwards.

Convenient receipt acquisition, accurate data linkage, efficient automatic accouting reconciliation are the immediate needs of every enterprise.

YinZhangTong can realize automatic acquisition of bank balance flow, automatic connection to financial system, automatic reconciliation, automatic verification, automatic matching receipts, electronic receipts and financial certificates, and automatic archiving electronic files.

Through RPA+AI technology, YinZhangTong can obtain balance, receipts, billing details and reconciliation, and realize the whole process of automatic collection, real-time cleaning, intelligent matching, automatic association, automatic reconciliation, risk monitoring and other multi-scene applications.


By now, 1000+ customers have chosen YinZhangTong.


Reason 1 for choosing YinZhangTong
Intelligence – Realize automatic connection, reconciliation and verification

RPA + AI can automatically collect and analyze data, achieving unmmanned and paperless operation, and through direct and non-direct connection to the bank mode, collecting domestic and foreign banks electronic receipts. The collection is highly efficient, wide range and of high security.


Reason 2 for choosing YinZhangTong
Accuracy – High accuracy, high success rate

YinZhangTong has achieved 100% accuracy rate of automatic data collection, 100% success rate of automatic connection, 100% success rate of automatic reconciliation, and realized multi-module automatic linkage of finance, human resources, procurement, marketing and fund management, which greatly reduces duplicated labor.


Reason 3 for choosing YinZhangTong
Wide range – One platform to access to thousands of banks

One platform to access to thousands of major banks, fully adapt to various ERP, OA and other scenarios, achieve intelligent adaptation, real-time routing, can be used in various versions of updates, seamless convergence.


Reason 4 for choosing YinZhangTong
Comprehensive – Full lifecycle management of electronic files

Achieving the full lifecycle management of receipts, facilitating the operation and application of multiple processes such as access, viewing, application, transfer and destruction by finance personnel, accelerating the digital transformation.


YinZhangTong bank receipt processing solution

First of all, YinZhangTong can obtain the balance flow and electronic statement. For banks that have completed direct bank-enterprise connection, the interface will automatically obtain data. For banks that have not completed direct bank-enterprise connection, they will be obtained through RPA or open bank interface. The intelligent RPA robot imitates human operation by automatically opening the webpage, registering Internet banking, and finding the corresponding location to download the balance flow and e-receipt. For abnormal payments (delayed processing by bank, etc.), a second verification and matching process will be conducted in a timely manner, and finally the successfully matched files will be unified for file management.

After the completion of information collection, YinZhangTong will automatically correlate the balance details and e-receipt data obtained from the bank with business receipts and payment vouchers, and complete automatic reconciliation and verification through bank reconciliation codes, as well as automatic matching of payment slips, e-receipts and financial vouchers.


It is fast and convenient to deploy YinZhangTong, and the implementation cycle is short, without excessive changes to the original financial process. The standardized operation of RPA and the reliability of system execution also guarantee the timeliness and compliance of dowloading matched bank flow. Through the ‘digital staff’, the enterprise financial management is getting more comprehensive, integrated, multi-scenario, service-based and platform-based.

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