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yonyou U8 – Growing Enterprise Management Platfrom

yonyou U8 was designed with the flexibility to allow growing companies to innovate and adapt their management solutions to reflect changes. It provides the pre-configurations and business practices, focusing on fine and precision management as a core, blending into the new Era of the Internet such as Mobile Tech, online marketing, E-Commerce, and Experential Marketing, helping enterprises to achieve supply chain collaborations, expanding enterprise social application, and promoting the transformation of enterprise management modes.

yonyou U8 function 

Business Intelligence · Open API Platform

Cloud Deployment Support · Cloud Security Architecture

Precision Management

Yonyou U8 + provides enterprises with comprehensive and refined solutions from management methods to management processes to management areas, tracking down to the bottom of revenue, costs and expenses generated by each order, each customer.

Easy Deployment, On-Demand Configurations

Yonyou U8 + provides operation deployment based on business modules so that enterprises could configure and implement operations according to different business scopes and stages of development. These solutions can be simple or complex and can keep pace with the development of enterprises.

Scalable for Future Expansion

SMEs can effectively implement U8 system during any stage of organizational development. Based on their business requirements and/or development and vision, they can quickly develop and apply the system and the solution more in depth.

Excellent Integration with Third-party Software

U8 provides an open architecture such as EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) to perform data exchange between U8 and third-party software systems. A UAP customisation platform is also provided for clients to tailor their special needs.


High Collaborative Management

U8 provides enterprises with various operational controls via document approval workflow, business notifications, email notifications, operations alerts etc. Enterprises are capable to control or monitor and ensure the validity and accuracy of data via document approval workflow. Besides, through the automated business notification in the system, communication costs can be reduced and work efficiency can be improved at the same time, and operational alerts can assist enterprises to prevent unnecessary losses resulting from human negligence.

Flexible Report Platform

U8 provides a large number of standard reports for management personnel to use. There are data statistics and analysis reports under each modules in the system. At the same time, users can define different types of reports according to their requirements, such as to show the specific field on some documents, and customizing the names of each field. Users can also design the reports from the standard reports in two or three dimensional reports.

E-Commerce Platform Integration

U8 has integrated the mainstream B2C e-commerce platform to achieve real-time data exchange at both online and offline. The OpenAPI provided by U8+ is an open platform based on a large number of enterprise users and U8+ open interfaces, accessing external partners, providing powerful applications and perfect services for enterprise users. The platform provides the most popular OpenAPI in Restful style, which allows developers to deploy these flexible applications with less time and operations. The platform adopts the form of “cloud + end” to quickly and safely meet the requirements of U8 + enterprise users to achieve “internet +”.


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Yonyou Network Co., Ltd. (in Chinese, “用友”) was founded in 1988 and is now recognised as a leading enterprise management software, solutions and cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region.

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