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Office Automation (OA)

yonyou Office Automation (OA) system covers all-round office collaboration services, including approval workflow, mobile attendance, document management, instant communication, etc., giving processes and other traditional businesses a new way of working. Through the digital work portal, it helps enterprises to build a paperless office while carrying corporate culture.


OA system builds a digital way of working

Efficient team collaboration brings operational costs down for enterprises. Yonyou OA system provides flexible business workflow management, automating existing office procedures, including internal approval workflow, task management, etc., and ultimately enhancing work efficiency.

  • hApproval flow management
  • Collaborative work
  • m Document sharing
  • Schedule management
  • wMeeting management
  • Organization model

Achieve smooth flow of work in approval workflows

Business information is often processed by multiple departments in the traditional workspace, making it time-consuming for decision-making. Heavy paperwork burden also makes human errors occur more frequently. The Business Process Management (BPM) system allows enterprises to visualize the workflows and respond faster to changes in the business market.


Flexible scenarios developments

To serve users with different business scenarios, yonyou provides an easy-to-use development tool and management platform, which helps enterprises quickly publish the workflows, such as leave application, purchase acquisition, sales order approval and reimbursement claim, etc.

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Stay productive anytime, anywhere with mobile application

Yonyou OA system integrates with a mobile app, building a 24/7 working platform. No matter you are working from home or having an overseas business trip, you can process approval workflow anytime, anywhere with a mobile app.

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What can yonyou mobile app  (YouZone) do?

Mobile time tracking

Mobile time tracking

Clock-in/ clock-out on the mobile phone, flexible setting of working hours, provide real-time statistics, and data export.

Employee health condition record

In order to help enterprises effectively prevent and control the pandemic, YouZone provides a “Health Condition Record” application. Employees can report their health status daily, allowing management to view real-time summary & statistics!

yonyou diwork work report
yonyou diwork project management
yonyou home office 4

Mobile collaboration

Mobile approval

Access through the mobile app when working from home: approval applications, purchase requests, reimbursement and leave requests anytime anywhere.

Project status report

The project management module provides customized report templates. Management is able to receive the status reports anytime and flexibly.

Task assignment

Collaborate directly in the context of any task with a designated space for real-time communication. Share files, comments and feedback on an integrated platform, getting automatic notifications on every update.


The calendar function supports schedule sharing among colleagues, and task reminders. You won’t miss any tasks even at home.

Document management

Document management

To build a safe and effective internal knowledge sharing platform for enterprises, YouZone provides online document sharing with authority control setting 

Newsletter subscription

Dedicated newsletter can be created by each department. News and updates can be shared externally and internally anywhere anytime. 

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yonyou home office 2

Real-time communication

Instant messaging

Online communication in real time. The read and unread messages are clearly visible. Documents in the chatroom can be permanently saved. Watermark is added to the chat background for security protection.


Support voice messages, read and unread status etc.

Online announcements

Reach all members with online announcements, notifications and messages with one click! It can be edited and published on both mobile and desktops.

Video conferencing & Webinar

Video conferencing: Set up video and voice conference anytime, anywhere

Webinar: Provide free online cloud live streaming unlimited times and duration.

Redefine enterprise collaboration and work

In the digital era, personal awareness is strong, and a sense of participation and experience has become the key to impressing users. Employees require transparent and dynamic ways of working.


OA Customer Success

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