IDC Reports – Yonyou #1 in Market Share


IDC, a world-renowned IT market research organization, recently released the 2020 << 中國企業級應用軟件 EA SaaS 市場跟蹤分析報告 >> and << 中國 ERP 應用平台化雲服務市場洞察報告 >>.

In both reports, yonyou ranked 1st in market share for multiple enterprise cloud services and is recognized as the leading digital intelligence platform and service provider for enterprises and public organizations.


At present moment, yonyou ranks No. 1 in the Enterprise Cloud Services market, No. 1 in the Enterprise APaaS Cloud Service market, No. 1 in China’s Enterprise Application SaaS market and No. 1 in China’s ERP Cloud market. yonyou is also known for enabling enterprise digital transformation and business innovation. With over 8,650 enterprise applications and service providers, and more than 14,000 products and services on the YonBIP platform, many industry leaders have chosen YonBIP as a platform for digital intelligence business innovation.

What is YonBIP?


With the characteristics of digitalization, intelligence, flexibility, security, socialization, globalization, platform, and ecosystem,  YonBIP (Business Innovation Platform) supports all-round business innovation.

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Headquartered in Beijing, Yonyou Network Co., Ltd. (“Yonyou”, in Chinese, “用友”) was founded in 1988 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001 (SSE: 600588).