NAM KWONG (GROUP): Group management solution

Digital business operation platform


Nam Kwong (Group) Co., Ltd. is the earliest Chinese-funded institution in Macau. It was established in 1949.


Nam Kwong Group has been cooperating with yonyou since 1995. From the beginning of the U8 system to the comprehensive upgrade of the NC5.5 platform in 2009 to achieve group management and control, including financial accounting, supply chain management, human resource management, capital management and other fields.


i. Digital control platform

Nam Kwong Group established a digital management and control platform that integrates business and finance to achieve the integration of capital flow, logistics and information flow, eliminating information islands and improving management efficiency and risk control. Through business process reorganization, yonyou assisted Nam Kwong Group to move towards an innovative operation model of informationization. It mainly includes financial management, human resource management, supply chain management and other systems.

ii. Digital business operation platform

Combining the new generation of information technology and managing the entire process data, yonyou helps Nam Kwong Group to build a digital business system, enhance the company’s market competitiveness, improve operational efficiency in various business areas, and optimize resource allocation. The business system covers different industries, mainly including oil trading, tourism, hotel, real estate, logistics, cultural and creative, etc.

iii. “Internet +” innovation platform

The entire group unifies customer resources, builds a shared business ecosystem with customers to promote business model and service model innovation.

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