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      Support your life-cycle construction project management system

      yonyou Construction Solution


      yonyou digital construction management software is a total solution for the Construction Industry and designed to a comprehensive and flexible system for clients to enhance collaboration, streamline operation workflow and improve productivity

      yonyou Construction  System

      Construction Asset management

      Pain Point

      Information isolated: Not all employees can access inventory information on-time but store man, which causes inconvenience for project team.Paper documented: data requires manual fill-in by handUntraceable: manual maintenance of inventory creates difficulties of record preservation


      Value Added

      • Digitalize all relevant data records on one platform for all parties to access information with autorization.
      • Automate asset management life cycle – including purchase information input, transfer, asset loss, asset management life cycle.
      • Maintain intact and detailed asset profiles for unification
      • Reduce redundant communication with live data presented, thus further improve productivity

      Construction contract management

      Pain Point

      Time-consuming processes for contract evaluation cause project delayManual work flow causes inaccuracy due to input errors and formatting incorrectness


      Value Added

      • Relavent stakeholders are only required to modify designated content of the contract.
      • Sensitive documents are preserved within the department with precise permission control.

      construction drawing management

      Pain Point

      Delay of information transferring: relevant stakeholders not receiving updated drawings.Information Assymmetry.


      Value Added

      • A centralized platform of access drawings anytime/anywhere
      • Strict Authorization control on drawings submission and action logs taken avoid information assymmetry

      sub-con payment/ claim management SYSTEM

      Pain Point

      Claim and Payment process are time consuming due to documents transmission from between site and HQ.Tedious site verification process and approval process with large volume of paper documents cause confusion on payment.


      Value Added

      • Digitalized claim and payment process shorten operation process, and real time reports and statistics clearly present the approval progresses.
      • Joining Incorporate external stakeholders such as subcon into the working flow streamline the operation processes thus improve efficiency.

      construction inspection management

      Pain Point

      Construction inspection and approval process are time consuming due to documents transmission from between site, and clients. Tedious approval process with large volume of paper documents cause confusions.


      Value Added

      • Digitise your inspection process, suitable for RFI forms etc., saves your manpower, time & cost. It connects customer, contractors and consultants together on a same platform, and serves as a centralised inspection forms platform which can be accessed anywhere at anytime. It eventually helps to manage your construction inspection process much easier! 

      yonyou construction System


      on-site management system

      construction On-site management

      Pain Point

      Delay of message delivery. Communication process is intransparent. Approval process may take up to few days.


      Value Added

      • Real-time communication between site and back office through mobile App, avoiding inconvenience of using laptop on site

      • Digitalization of all required site regulating documents, achieving paperless on-site management

      • View on-site pictures taken by phone directly on corresponding form

      • Time saved on information transmission by using integrated knowledge center

      Reporting and Analysis SYSTEM

      Project Reporting and Analysis help construction firms manage cash flow with close management of the entire collection process – from invoice billing to payment tying with project work done. In addition to standard reporting functionalities, yonyou construction management solution provides you presentable data through our visualization data tool. Embedded table and charts enable you to easily create a visualised report without coding skills.

      Human capital & admin Management SYSTEM

      yonyou construction management solution consolidates HR & admin processes into a common global platform to unify manpower data, streamline processes and meet compliance with deep industry functionalities on Core HR, Payroll, Employee & Workers Management, Time & Attendance and Workforce Planning.

      Financial Management SYSTEM

      yonyou construction management solution allows historical as well as forward-looking visibility into both financial and operational performance often leading to higher profit margin for construction firms. Robust finance processes and functionalities in Accounting, Fixed Assets, Cash Management, Budgeting and Enterprise Financial Reporting allowing people to work together more efficiently and utilize data insights to make critical financial decision.

      Integration with Finance & Human Resource

      Seamless integration with back-end office to provide all round management

      yonyou Construction Industry Solution Features

      Open, Connected & Integrated

      The system embraces the new ecosystem with public and private cloud, Internet-based finance

      Support Sharing Services

      The system shares cross-organisation services e.g. Finance, HR, Procurement and IT, and enjoy lower costs

      Enhanced User Experience

      The system improves user experience and efficiency with our new mobile app
      “After the system’s live run, the sales consultant has continued to follow up with post live run implementation to understand our experience using the system and is flexible to accommodate our requests, in terms of software upgrades. The project executive who helped us in the final implementation and post-implementation stage is very patient with the users and has also been following up closely with us till now. ”

      “It eliminates the tedious manual process of recording our worker’s attendance and time spent on each project through implementation of e-Timecard Scanning System. This single entry update both the Project Cost and Payroll calculation and has proven to improve our productivity.”

      Customer Successful Story