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Digital Belt & Road

The Belt and Road Initiative is an important strategy for China’s external development. Through the application of new technologies, yonyou ERP helps companies better manage global branch offices and business information.


What challenges do Belt & Road enterprise face?


Culture discrepancy

To manage a diverse workplace, enterprises need to ensure that they effectively communicate with employees

High management cost

The expansion in scale and the increasing number of branches increase the management cost

Laws & Regulation

Enterprises should comply with the laws and regulation in different regions with clear guideline to employees

Loss of control

The establishment of branch offices triggers the issue of decentralized management

Why choose yonyou Belt & Road solution?

Full-scale cloud ERP solution

yonyou ERP is upgraded to a hybrid cloud architecture, a more secured, more flexible, and more efficient platform, that support wide a range of industry.

Achieve centralized financial control from bookkeeping to analytics
Supply Chain
Reduce work flow cycle time and maximize efficienvy
Human Capital
Deliver the perfect experience to your employee

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In line with international standards

  • Multi-time zone: UTC
  • Multi-language: UI, data entry
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-tax system
  • Data format: country, region, time, address, quantity

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How yonyou fits your business activities?

Banking & Finance

yonyou’s financial solution provides reports that meet the requirements of financial regulatory agencies (eg, Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission) and the requirements of the FRR report, docking the background ERP system, to achieve one-stop management.

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Business modules such as on-site, safety, quality, schedule, and assets, integrate enterprises and contractors, supervisors, and design parties on a unified platform to connect back-end ERP systems to provide complete solutions for construction companies.

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An increasing number of Chinese/ Hong Kong Enterprises are investing the Belt and Road region and setting up factories in Vietnam, Mynamar, Laos, Malaysia etc.. yonyou’s ERP complies with different countries’ legal regualtion.

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Distribution & Retail

According to local consumption patterns and culture, yonyou provides accurate, contextual and personalized customer experience services, and integrate back-end ERP systems such as financial systems and supply chain to help companies achieve the sharing of global marketing resources.

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Achieve information consistency

By unifying basic data and management standards, yonyou industry solution effectively improves the operational efficiency of the company with monitoring branch office information

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Foster communication among branch offices

yonyou helps companies better manage branch offices in the Belt and Road region (including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Laos etc.)

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