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      Enhance Regional Connectivity


      Multi-format · Localisation · Multi-language · Multi-currency · Multi-timezone · Multi-regulation


      The Belt and Road Initiative is an important strategy for China’s external development. It aims to promote the orderly and free flow of economic factors, the efficient allocation of resources and the deep integration of the markets. Local enterprises participate in the economic activities of countries along the route through the establishment of branch offices. On one hand, the expansion in scale and the increasing number of branches increase the management cost. On the other hand, as different countries along the route are invloved, the great discrepency in culture, currency, language, time-zone,data format, and regulations increases the difficulty in the management.


      Overseas Enterprises Entering the China Market

      Chinese Enterprises in the Overseas Market

      Enterprises in the Belt & Road Region


      yonyou’s Belt and Road ERP Solution is in-line with international standards. Through the application of new technologies, yonyou ERP helps companies i.) better manage branch offices in the Belt and Road region (including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Laos, etc.). ), as well as global business information, ii.) improves the efficiency of enterprise resource management, iii.) achieves data sharing and strengthen the Group’s risk prevention capabilities. 


      Empower Enterprise Digitalisation

      • Centralized Financial Control
      • Global Treasury
      • Electronic invoices and bills
      • Bank-Enterprise Direct
      • Multiple Tax System / International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
      • Procurement
      • E-procurement Platform
      • Electronic Tendering
      • Supplier Management
      • Online supermarket
      • Human Capital Management
      • Talent management
      • Employee Self-platform
      • Localized Benefits
      • Localized Taxation Calculation
      • Intelligent Manufacturing
      • Industrial IoT
      • Industrial Big Data
      • Collaborative Manufacturing Service
      • Smart Retail
      • Omni-channel Membership Management
      • Online to Offline Integration
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Office Automation
      • Business Process Management
      • Mobile Portal
      • Instant Messaging


      Integrating with Backend ERP and Enable Enterprise Internationalisation

      Construction Industry
      Focusing on the lightweight office automation system, yonyou’s construction industry focuses on the whole lifecycle management of engineering projects, and uses the customization of interfaces, processes and reports as tools to help customers quickly build digital solutions that fit the enterprise itself, through contracts and costs. Business modules such as on-site, safety, quality, schedule, and assets, integrate enterprises and contractors, supervisors, and design parties on a unified platform to connect back-end ERP systems to provide complete solutions for construction companies.
      By unifying basic data and management standards, connecting the ERP information system of integrated enterprise groups and overseas branches, and building group management, human resources, finance, capital pool, and global supply chain management system, yonyou industry solution effectively improves the operational efficiency of the company and ensuring the headquarters of the group. Consistency with the information of each branch office, real-time call and monitoring of branch office management information.
      Banking and Finance Industry
      yonyou provides comprehensive solutions for global financial companies, including banking, investment banking, securities, asset management and other business types. yonyou’s integrated applications based on financial and trading systems, provides reports that meet the requirements of financial regulatory agencies (eg, Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission) and the requirements of the FRR report, docking the background ERP system, to achieve one-stop management.
      Retail and Distribution Industry
      With customers from different regions and changing markets, yonyou Retail and Distribution Solution has built a customer-centric channel management structure for cross-border circulation enterprises, covering retail, wholesale, catering, trade and other business types. According to local consumption patterns and culture, Provide accurate, contextual and personalized customer experience services, and integrate back-end ERP systems such as financial systems, fund management and supply chain to help companies achieve the sharing of global marketing resources.
      Manufacturing Industry
      An increasing number of Chinese/ Hong Kong Enterprises are investing the Belt and Road region and setting up factories in Vietnam, Mynamar, Laos, Malaysia etc.. yonyou’s ERP complies with different countries’ legal regualtion, tax systems, and provides digital transformation services for manufacturing industry along the Belt and Road region.

      The essence of yonyou’s manufacturing solution is “to help project manufacturing enterprises accomplish activities including design, purchase, production and delivery, deploying the idea of project management”.

      Usually this is applied within the machinery industry, power control equipment, bridge machinery, shipbuilding companies, heavy construction machinery, power equipment, production lines, satellite receiving equipment, new radar equipment, heavy transportation vehicles and their supplementary equipment.

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      Yonyou Network Co., Ltd. (in Chinese, “用友”) was founded in 1988 and is now recognised as a leading enterprise management software, solutions and cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region.

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