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In the competitive retail industry, it is crucial to streamline product processes to increase dividends. A good supply chain system is a winning factor and means a whole lot to the successful operation of a company. By using effective supply chain software, you will be able to enhance your operating efficiency and reduce the costs of managing your goods. As a result, you will be able to ensure timely deliveries and build a reputation as a reliable provider.

Yonyou is dedicated to providing the best business solutions to companies of all sizes. That’s why we offer our clients an effective inventory management system to help them with the daily management of product inventories. Our software centres upon a centralized model that focuses on contract, purchase, outsourcing, export and stock management. This system also features pre-sale analysis, inventory management and GSP quality control.

Supply chain management software

The main functions of our inventory systems is to improve production efficiency, market response times, and forecasting accuracy. Our models will also reduce inventory issues, work flow cycle times, supply costs and overall purchasing expenses. Yonyou aims to customize a well-designed business chain. We deliver promises through well-defined SCM modules to our valued customers. Our team can also:

•    Manage your inventory with real-time access to your centralised data management system, which could further align to customers demand.
•    Build multi-wins situations with all of your vendors and partners by touching critical business information.
•    Lower your costs of entire business chain and make it run smoothly.

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