Best practice for “front shop, back factory”


How do HK enterprises manage overseas/ China’s factories?

The model of “front shop, back factory” is a unique economic cooperation in The Greater Bay Area. While many labour-intensive production process were relocated to the north, Hong Kong enterprises engaged in retail trade and brand development. Yet, when the mobility of labour is restricted , the operational geographic dispersion created managerial difficulty. How can Hong Kong enterprises manage overseas/ China’s factories effectively?

Cloud services

  • Fast implementation
  • Direct entry without any setup
  • Effective virtualization

Mobile office

  • Stay productive anywhere with video conferencing and mobile time tracking

Approval flow

  • Create smart forms
  • Real-time approval management and analytics

All-in-one application

Financial Management
    • Fulfill CN-HK accounting principles
    • Support mobile approval, accessing approval applications, purchase requests and reimbursement anytime anywhere
    • Penetrate budget, forecast and actuals management
    • Prepare consolidated financial statement for “front shop” and “back factory”

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Human Capital Management
    • Mobile time tracking: clock-in/ clock-out on the mobile phone, flexible setting of working hours, provide real-time statistics, and data export
    • Leave adjustment: generate real-time report for employee to review their leave history
    • Payroll: Integration with Attendance, Leave and Claim modules, making it a full life-cycle HR payroll process
    • Appraisal: Employee self-service portal makes performance communication effective and accurate within the organization.

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Supply Chain Management
    • Track the procurement process with mobile approval anytime and anywhere
    • Access the inventory levels of raw material, semi-finished product and finished products; monitor the operational status of machinery and equipment.
    • Get real-time sales and contact management
    • Synchronize the sales and logistic plan across “front shop” and “back factory”
    • Implement CRM, price management and customer credit management
    • Generate real-time reports of production schedule, status of production orders and quality management to all end-user

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Office Automation
    • Video conferencing: set up video and voice conference anytime anywhere
    • Instant messaging: online communication in real-time
    • Approval centre: make your approval flow fast and easy
    • Document management: access to a safe and effective internal knowledge exchange and sharing platform
    • Multi-language: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, French

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Global operation · Socialized business

Applying cloud native structure, yonyou offers on-demand cloud services that integrate “Marketing, Manufacturing, Procurement, Finance, HR, OA and Platform” to support global business operation and socialized business.

  • Internationalization: Multi-language · Multi-currency · Multi-timezone · Multi-regulation
  • Personalization: Low-code development platform, creating your application with graphical user interfaces


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