Uni-President: Reconstructing the Digital Marketing Model with Marketing Cloud


Founded in 1967 in Tainan, Taiwan, Uni-President is the largest food and beverage conglomerate in Taiwan, one of the leading beverage and instant noodle brands in China, and one of the largest food and beverage conglomerates in Asia. It has a significant market share in dairy products, foods and snacks, and beverages.

In 1992, Uni-President entered China and was listed on the Hong Kong Exchange in 2007. Up to now, Uni-President has nearly 35 food and beverage factories in China, with more than 30 brands in the market. Today, Uni-President has expanded to East Asia and Southeast Asia.


After entering China’s market, Uni-President was successful in fulfilling the customer’s demand through the single-product model in the traditional market environment, thus reducing the production cost and eventually helping Uni-President achieve peak sales performance in 2013.

Amid the changing market, customer’s consumption structure changed deeply. The market has shifted from a mass market to a ‘stratified, niche and personalized’ market.

Started from marketing, Uni-President decided to go through a comprehensive digital transformation, and to reconstruct the digital marketing model. The strategy has changed from commodity-centric to customer-centric, taking customer value as the business goal, achieve precision marketing with big data through resource integration, and conduct B2B marketing strategies in a highly efficient way.


In the customer-centric transformation process, Yonyou CRM provides technical support to achieve the omni-channel digitalization of commodities, transactions, marketing and inventory management, which truly controls omni-channel marketing and rational allocation of resources.


1. Socialized Transaction Platform

Easy to order, 50% reduction in order placement and execution time, significantly increasing transaction efficiency.

2.Channel Marketing Management

Pricing control in sales channels, promotional events directly target end-users, lower marketing costs.

3.Distributors Empowerment

Closed-loop management of procurement, sales and inventory management for distributor, high visibility of omni-channel transaction and inventory, and rational allocation of resources.

4.Enterprise Membership Operation

Enterprise membership operation management, integration of omni-channel resources, increase activation of channel and end-users, and improve customer satisfaction.


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