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Digitalization in Financial Services

In addition to the provision of core business function management, Yonyou also focuses on developing dedicated solutions for the financial services industry, covering insurance, banking, securities, funds, trusts, futures, and other financial sub-sectors. Yonyou FSI solutions digitalize collaboration across departments and business units and provide a full spectrum of professional services to support the digital development of the financial services sector.  Yonyou is committed to assisting cross-border financial institutions of all sizes to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities, and automatically generate various types of compliance reports, including FRR, 1104 reports, LCR & NSFR, IFRS16, etc.

In the era of digital finance, we need transformation and innovation

With the accelerated development of the financial market and the introduction of new regulations, financial institutions in banking, securities, insurance and other sub-sectors have greater needs in advanced management and business systems. Digitalized, shared, and intelligent solutions have become the major direction and basic requirements.



Utilize emerging technologies and the industry best practice to help banks meet external supervision requirements and internal needs for transformation and innovation. Support digital banking services, and provide guidance for business operations.

Yonyou Financial Service Industry Solution 用友金融行業方案

Futures and Securities

Focus on risk management by integrating business and financial information for the future & securities sector. Automate the operation workflow from business to finance by deploying a shared service model. Improve risk governance by centralizing capital supervision, and profitability evaluation. Enhance business efficiency and sustainable development capabilities with a comprehensive performance management system.



Focus on the coordination across business units by providing a fully integrated platform to ensure an efficient organizational management. Enhance internal business processes and customer satisfaction by standardizing the human resources and collaboration management.

Support digitalization from the aspects of operation, business and technology

With the intelligent technical platform, enterprises can build, integrate, expand and manage different kinds of business applications, supporting the robust transformation and innovation of the financial services industry.

Operation Platform

– Human Resources
– Finance
– Procurement and Assets
– Collaboration

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Business Applications

– Financial cloud
– Bank-enterprise direct cloud
– Marketing management
– Cross-border finance

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Technology Platform

– Technology middle office
– Data center
– Intelligent middle office
– Development Platform

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Why Yonyou?

Local professional teams to meet the regulations in China & Hong Kong

Assist financial institutions to meet regulations for cross-border business, automatically generate regulatory reports that comply with Hong Kong and Chinese regulators, i.e. FRR, 1104 reports, LCR & NSFR, IFRS16

Automatically generate regulatory reports that comply with Hong Kong and Chinese regulators

  • FRR (Securities and Futures Commission)
  • 1104 (China Banking Regulatory Commission)
  • LCR & NSFR (China Securities Regulatory Commission)  etc.
  • IFRS16


Empower digitalization in financial services

Conduct in-depth integration with ecosystem partners. Facilitate healthy and sound development of ecosystem business. Provide comprehensive solutions for the financial services industry.

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Trusted by 800+ financial institutions

Yonyou has served 800+ financial institutions. Serving customers in the financial services industry to improve management efficiency.


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