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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Open and interconnected, yonyou’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can easily be integrated into all kinds of business models in Hong Kong, China or any other country. The software helps enterprises to maintain real-time control of resources, such as accounting & finance, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, and collaboration.


What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is defined as the ability to deliver an integrated suite of business applications. ERP systems share a common process and data model, covering broad and deep operational end-to-end processes, such as those found in HR, finance, distribution, manufacturing, service, and the supply chain.

ERP software automates and supports a range of administrative and operational business processes across multiple industries, including line of business, customer-facing, administrative and asset management.

Why your business needs an ERP system?

Cloud ERP is deployed to help enterprises overcome various business challenges. When a business expands, the management of internal workflows and data becomes increasingly complicated. Departments must spend extra time to sort out and centralize data, and management also finds it difficult to gain business insights and make decisions. An ERP system is the ideal solution for enterprises in Hong Kong, China or other countries that are looking to accelerate growth.

What are the benefits of ERP system?

Look for business benefits in four areas: business innovation, enterprise process efficiency, process standardization, and IT cost savings. Most enterprises focus on the last two areas because they are the easiest to quantify; however, the first two areas often have the most significant impact on the enterprise.

How yonyou ERP system fits your business?

A full-scale ERP system covers multiple business processes

yonyou’s ERP software takes care of all important business functions, enhances collaboration among different parties and supports efficient operation.

Accounting & Finance

Save your employees from repetitive work, and enhance the efficiency of financial accounting, managerial accounting, reimbursement, and treasury management

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Supply Chain

Coordinate and integrate all aspects of inventory management and production, including planning and executing the delivery of goods, which reduces the time to market.

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Manage the purchasing lifecycle, including supplier management, sourcing, requisitioning, and payment, and streamline communications by automating the approval and matching workflows

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Human Resources

Deliver the perfect experience to your employees with a range of integrated, digitalized, and innovative applications, including employment contract management, leave and attendance management, payroll budget management, etc

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Provide flexible ERP system deployment

Cloud ERP

The out-of-the-box feature of cloud ERP makes innovation fast and easy without any system upgrades and maintenance

On-premise ERP

The high elasticity feature is suitable for enterprises that require a high degree of self-control

Hybrid ERP

The flexible and controllable hybrid ERP is partly deployed in the cloud and partly on-site

Serving all-sized enterprises with flexible solutions

Since the development of the ERP system in 1990, it has not served as a strategy for large enterprises only. yonyou provides cloud ERP solutions for varying sized enterprises in response to their business needs.

ERP for large enterprise

Make business innovation achievable
NC Cloud
Group enterprises management platform

ERP for growing enterprise

Cloud services for growing businesses
U8 Cloud
The perfect solution for growing enterprises

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Why choose yonyou ERP system?

Why choose yonyou ERP system?


Focus on creating the best experience for end-users


Support global operations of multinational corporations

Open & Extensible

Connected with 8,600+ cloud ecosystem partners on an open platform


Enhance collaboration with centralized business management


Incorporate advanced technologies to facilitate intelligent enterprise operation

yonyou ERP fully utilizes frontier technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence, low-code development platform, etc to optimize customer experience and promote business innovation.

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Enables enterprise internationalization with localized services

yonyou has been developing the overseas markets, serving multiple cross-border enterprises, and assisting companies in managing business information on a global scale. yonyou’s ERP system supports multi-time zone, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-standard, and multi-tax operations. It allows data sharing and strengthens the capability of risk prevention.

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